Frequently Asked Questions About Find It

What is Find It?

Find It is an online tool tells you if the Library has access to the resource you want. When the item is available online, Find It links directly to it. If Kennedy Library doesn’t have the item electronically, Find It searches PolyCat to see if we have it in print. If not, Find It can help you get it through an Interlibrary Services request.

Look for the Find It button

Find It button


If a database is Find It enabled you will see the Find It button next to the records in your search results. Click it to find the full-text of an article or book chapter online, in print at Kennedy Library, or to request it from another library.

Find It example

Which resources are Find It enabled?

Many of the databases that Cal Poly subscribes to are Find It enabled. When you select a database to search, the information screen will have the Find It icon, indicating available Find It services.

How do I use Find It?

Look for the Find It button after doing your search in a database. It can appear in the results list, but may only appear after you select a record. Clicking on the Find It button opens a menu window displaying your options, such as a link to the full-text article.

Why all the windows?

When you click Find It, a new window opens to display the Find It Menu. Selecting an option from the menu will open another window. Each window can be re-sized and will stay open until you close it. Be careful to close only your Find It windows and not your original database search window.

Why does the number of options in the Find It menu vary?

Find It dynamically generates the menu options that are available for the record you select, so the results may differ from one record to another.

Why does the Find It button appear even if the full text is already available from the database?

Once a database is Find It enabled the button always appears with the search results. You have the option of viewing the article directly or exploring other sources for the full text.

Why isn’t full text always available online?

The full-text online option is available only if Kennedy Library owns that item. We don’t subscribe to all titles, and not all titles are available online. If the Library owns the print copy, that option will be presented to you.

Know the name of the article?

Use Citation Linker, a Find It service, to find the article you need. It will tell you if Kennedy Library can provide the full-text version online or in print. And if we don’t have it, it will help you request it through Interlibrary Services.

Try Citation Linker

Find A Specific Article (by citation or DOI)

If you already know the article title, journal title, year, etc., enter the information below to locate the full-text in available formats. If the full-text is not available electronically or in print, a link will appear where you can then request the item through Interlibrary Services.

Find by Citation

  • (1234-5678)

  • (yyyy OR yyyy-mm-dd)


Or, look up the article by DOI, if known.

  • (e.g. 10.1001/jama.297.13.1412 or 10.1108/07419050810946169)

When full text is available, why don’t I always go to the article level?

Find It takes you as close as it can to the actual article. Sometimes Find It can only get to the table of contents or the journal’s homepage because of restrictions by the publisher or database design.

Why doesn’t the Find It menu appear when I click on the Find It button?

Software such as Pop-up Zapper and Pop-up Stopper turns off Find It as well, since Find It uses a pop-up window. If you have such software installed on your computer, you will need to turn it off in order to open the Find It menu.

What if my question isn’t answered here, or I need help with my search?

Go to our How-to guides section, and select an option listed there.