Teachers Resource Collection

The Teachers Resource Collection (TRC) collection primarily supports the needs of the Liberal Studies Department Undergraduate Teacher Preparation program, single- and multi-subject teaching credential programs, children’s literature curriculum, and the School of Education’s Spanish Authorization for Bilingual Educators program, the Special Education master’s degree, and the Curriculum and Instruction master’s degree. Materials are primarily physical but some books are provided electronically. Books and research materials about instruction, higher education, etc. are available in the library’s main collection and online.

The TRC currently acts as the local California Department of Education K-8 Learning Resource Display Center (LRDC) and provides K-12 reading level fiction and non-fiction books.  The collection is currently located on the third floor of the library.

Learning Resources Display Center (LRDC) California state-adopted textbooks, K-8

The LRDC contains K-8 California state-adopted textbooks, teacher’s edition textbooks, supplemental fiction and non-fiction books, and science experiment kits. LRDC materials are on loan from the State of California and not owned by Cal Poly. The LRDC collection does not include media or technology. The subject materials are updated approximately every eight years on a rotating schedule: English language arts, English language development, mathematics, history-social science, science and world language. visual and performing arts, health, and world language. These materials are for reference only and may not be checked out.

K-12 Library Collection

The TRC contains fiction and non-fiction books with reading levels that support learners from kindergarten to twelfth grade. The fiction and non-fiction include award-winning titles in authors and illustrators, notable books, multicultural books, and books that meet local, state, and federal school curriculum standards. The TRC contains K-12 Spanish language and bilingual fiction and non-fiction books. The TRC continues to grow to include a variety of materials written by a diversity of authors and ranging across a wide variety of topics.  Search for TRC materials in the library catalog.


More information

For more information please contact Jeanine Scaramozzino by email.