CSU+ and Interlibrary Loan

Use CSU+ to request books not available at Robert E Kennedy Library. Use Interlibrary Loan (ILL) to request electronic materials (articles, book chapters). The library can now supply limited physical materials not otherwise available through CSU+; however, some requests may not be fulfilled and or will be delayed.
Please contact Interlibrary Loan via our department email ude.yloplacnull@sli with any questions.

Accessing CSU+

CSU+ is a way of ordering materials from other CSU libraries.
Before you request an item through Interlibrary Loan, search it in CSU+, which is often faster than Interlibrary Loan. You can request most materials available in OneSearch through CSU+ and have them delivered to Kennedy Library. To use CSU+:

  • Sign into OneSearch.
  • Search for the title you want.
  • Select the title to access the item page.
  • If the item is not available at the Kennedy Library, click “Request from CSU Libraries: CSU+” to create a request.
  • You will receive an email notification when the item is ready for your to pickup.

Read more about CSU+ and OneSearch.

Contact Interlibrary Loan: ude.yloplacnull@sli

Use Interlibrary Loan (ILL) to request electronic materials (articles, book chapters) and print materials not available at the Kennedy Library or CSU+, through OneSearch.

Accessing Interlibrary Loan

The Cal Poly login to Interlibrary Loan requires different entry points for different users. Choose a link below based on your membership type.

Click this if for Cal Poly Member entry

» Cal Poly Member

Choose this selection if you are a

  • Cal Poly student
  • Cal Poly faculty
  • Cal Poly staff
  • Cal Poly emeritus

This link opens a special login page in the Cal Poly portal. Enter your Cal Poly username and password and the interlibrary loan page will open.

Click this if for non-Cal Poly membership entry

» Community Member

Please email us if you are a

  • Cal Poly alumni association member
  • Community member
  • Corporate member
  • Visiting faculty

Please send a request via email to ude.yloplacnull@sli.

Contact Interlibrary Loan: ude.yloplacnull@sli

How long does it take?

If an item is not available through CSU+, use Interlibrary Loan. This service is free to Cal Poly students, staff, faculty, and emeritus. Delivery times may vary.

Cal Poly students, faculty, and staff

How soon do you need it? What do you need? How to get it.
Today All Formats OneSearch for materials available in the library
1+ days Journal Articles Submit an Interlibrary Loan request
3+ days Books, Dissertations, and Other Resources available from CSU libraries OneSearch for materials available through CSU+
3+ days Books, Dissertations, and Other Resources not available from CSU libraries  Submit an Interlibrary Loan request

Affiliated and Community users

Affiliated and Community users may purchase Interlibrary Loan services at the rate of $50.00 for up to 10 transactions. See Frequently Asked Questions below for more information.

How soon do you need it? What do you need? How to get it.
Today All Formats OneSearch for materials in the library
3+ days Books, Journal Articles, & Dissertations Email an Interlibrary Loan request
Frequently Asked Questions

What is Interlibrary Loan?

Interlibrary Loan allows you to borrow materials from another library. This service is free for Cal Poly students, staff, faculty, and emeritus. Affiliated and community users may purchase Interlibrary Loan services at the rate of $50.00 for up to 10 transactions.

  • Most journal articles are delivered directly to your desktop as PDF files. Generally this takes between 1-3 days, though some items may take longer if they’re not held by our partner libraries in the Rapid ILL system.
  • Books and other tangible materials borrowed from other libraries have limited borrowing periods and renewals may not be possible. For this reason, borrowing assigned textbooks or books needed for extended periods of time is not possible.
  • Although other libraries will lend many different kinds of materials, some items, such as videos, reference works, rare materials, and textbooks may not be available for loan.
  • Please consult with the Interlibrary Loan staff if you have any questions about availability or the length of time you may borrow materials.

Interlibrary Loan Office

How do I request materials?

First, check OneSearch to see if the materials you need are available in the Kennedy Library or through CSU+ before making an Interlibrary Loan request. If you cannot find the item through OneSearch, you can order items from outside the CSU system by signing directly into your Interlibrary Loan account.

Who may use Interlibrary Loan services?

  • Currently enrolled students, faculty, and staff
  • Cal Poly emeritus faculty and staff
  • Cal Poly alumni receive up to 10 Interlibrary Loan requests per year
  • Affiliated and community users may purchase Interlibrary Loan services at the rate of $50.00 for up to 10 transactions from the Interlibrary Loan office, located in room 103 in the Kennedy Library.

How long does it take?

  • Materials are always obtained as soon as possible. You can assist us in this process including a complete citation. In particular, the ISSN number, ISBN number, or the OCLC number, if known, can speed processing. Examples of each:
    • ISBN: 0879305568
    • ISSN: 0360-0025
    • OCLC: 40305568
  • Books from outside the CSU+ network may take more than 7 days to arrive.
  • Journal articles may take more than 3 days to arrive.

Can I check the status of my request?


  • For CSU+ requests, visit and log into “My Account” through OneSearch.
  • For Interlibrary Loan requests, visit Interlibrary Loan and check the status of your own requests with the “View/Modify Outstanding Requests” button. The summary view gives the current status of the item. Detailed tracking information is available by clicking on the request’s transaction number.

How do I pick up materials?

  • You will receive email notification that your material has arrived—keep your information up to date at the University Portal to ensure you are promptly notified.
  • Journal articles will be put on the web in a PDF file for you to view, download, or print. Upon notification, log-on to your Interlibrary Loan account. Then select “View/Download Electronically Received Articles.”
  • Books (and other returnable material) will be available for you to pick up at the circulation desk in the library lobby.

What is the checkout period?

  • Checkout periods depend on the lending institution. Each individual lending institution has its own checkout periods.
  • Journal articles and other non-returnables are yours to keep, but the system will delete the materials off the web server after two weeks or 15 views.

Are Interlibrary Loan and CSU+ materials renewable?

  • Some Interlibrary Loan books are renewable. Your notification email will tell you, as will viewing the item from your Interlibrary Loan Main Menu — click “View/Renew Checked Out Items.” Renewal requests must be placed 2 days prior to the due date. Please keep in mind Interlibrary Loan materials are always subject to recall by the owning library.
  • CSU+ materials cannot be renewed.

How do I return materials?

Materials may be returned to the following locations:

  • Interlibrary Loan Office, room 35-103, Monday-Friday 8am-5pm
  • Circulation desk at Kennedy Library
  • Any Kennedy Library bookdrop
  • An email will be sent automatically confirming the return of your item

What are the fines for lost or overdue materials?

  • There are no overdue fines for Interlibrary Loan or CSU+ items.
  • Patrons are billed for lost library materials.
    • A notice is emailed and library privileges are suspended until library charges are cleared.
    • An academic hold may be placed on the records of current and former Cal Poly students. The suspension and/or hold remain in effect until all library charges are cleared.
    • The charge for lost materials and/or terms of replacement remain at the discretion of the owning institution. The Interlibrary Loan Office at Kennedy Library will remain your contact in this case.

How do I contact Interlibrary Loan staff?

Interlibrary Loan Office

What are the Interlibrary Loan open office hours?

Office hours: Monday-Friday, 8am-5pm.

Where is ILS located?

Interlibrary Loan is located in Room 103 of Kennedy Library. Access to Room 103 is from the Library Gallery area adjacent to the Atrium under the stairs to the 2nd floor.