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California History Collection, Special Collections and Archives, Cal Poly San Luis Obispo. © Cal Poly.

California History Collection, Special Collections and Archives, Cal Poly San Luis Obispo. © Cal Poly.

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The Kennedy Library’s Special Collections and Archives department acquires, preserves, and provides access to original materials documenting the history of the San Luis Obispo region, with special emphasis on ethnic studies and environmental history. These materials promote the study of local, regional, statewide history as an integral part of California’s cultural heritage.

See also the Links to the Land series of collections documenting the environmental history of San Luis Obispo county, particularly the stewardship of land by county ranchers.

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Regional history collections

Barneberg (Grace E.) Papers, 1912-1953

Bongio (Enrico) Papers, 1952-1993 (bulk 1983)

Gaydon Moore Brundridge Papers (Carrizo Plain)

Carrizo Plain Oral History Collection

Central Coast Farm Labor Organizing Collection, circa 1960-2003

City of San Luis Obispo Police Department Ledgers

Gerber House and Garden Collection

Goddard Jones (Kathleen) Correspondence, 1918-2002 (bulk 1926-1932)

Goddard Jones (Kathleen) Papers, 1933-2001 (bulk 1964-1994)

Guadalupe Speaks Oral History Collection MS0120

Hearst Ranch and Cayucos Photograph Collection, c.1890 – c.1930 (bulk 1920s)

Horner Architectural Photography Collection, circa 1920s

Jack Family Papers

Louis Family Papers

Martin (Alice) Papers, 1937-2004 (bulk 1943-1993)

McMillan (Ian) Papers, 1925-1990 (bulk 1960-1990)

McMillan-Wreden California Condor Collection, 1953

Miossi (Harold) Papers, 1942-1990 (bulk 1975-1990)

The Monday Club of San Luis Obispo, Records of

Mothers for Peace

Painted Rock Pictograph Collection

Perkins (Hayes) San Simeon Diaries

San Luis Obispo Building Permits Collection

San Luis Obispo County Historic Lithographs Collection, 1883

San Luis Obispo County Regional Photograph Collection, 1850 – c.1980 (bulk 1890-1930)

San Luis Obispo Regional Blueprints Collection

Sinsheimer Collection, 1868-1997 (bulk 1876-1959)

Sister’s Inn Collection MS0189

Slocombe (Reverend Samuel) Papers

Wilson (Lee) Papers, 1956-1989 (bulk 1961-1972)

With Our Own Eyes / Con Nuestros Propios Ojos Exhibit

California history collections

 World War II collections