College Librarians and Specialists

Kennedy Library has an expert team of college librarians and specialists who provide meaningful, tailored support to students and faculty.

Contact your college librarian or a specialist if you are seeking research help, library classroom instruction, or to further build the library’s collection within your specialty.

Mark Bieraugel (they/them/theirs)
Librarian, Orfalea College of Business
Research, Instruction, and Collection Development
805-756-6247 | E-mail | Office: 35-Chase Hall 115-110

Brett Bodemer
College of Liberal Arts Librarian & Coordinator of Reference
Research, Instruction, Collection Development, Reference.
805-756-2203 | E-mail | Office: 35-Crandall 60-111

Leyla Cabugos (she/they)
Agriculture and Environmental Sciences Librarian
805-756-5719 | E-mail | Office: 35-Chase Hall 115-108

Kyle Tanaka (he/him/his)
Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion Student Success Librarian
805-756-0764 | E-mail | Office: 35-115/113

Sarah Lester (she/her/hers)
Librarian, College of Engineering
805-756-6019 | E-mail | Office: 35-Chase Hall 115 - 109

Maryam Momeni (she/her/hers)
Public Services and Collections Maintenance Specialist
805-756-2315 | E-mail | Office: 35-26-110F

Mercedes Rutherford-Patten
Foundational Learning and Engagement Librarian
805-756-7549 | E-mail | Office: 35-Chase Hall 115-113

Jeanine Scaramozzino
Librarian, Philip and Christina Bailey College of Science & Mathematics and School of Education
Research, Instruction, and Collection Development
805-756-5677 | E-mail | Office: 35-25-203 Faculty Offices East

Laura Sorvetti (she/her/hers)
805-756-2391 | E-mail | Office: 35-26-110F

Jesse Vestermark
Librarian, College of Architecture and Environmental Design
Research, Instruction, and Collection Development
805-756-2640 | E-mail | Office: 35-Chase Hall 115-111

Zach Vowell
Digital Strategies Coordinator
805-756-5710 | E-mail | Office: 35-Chase Hall 115-209

Russ White
Data and GIS Specialist
805-756-2380 | E-mail | Office: 35-100 Crandall Gym, Bld. 60