Brett Bodemer

College of Liberal Arts Librarian, Coordinator of Reference, Coordinator Digital Projects Lab

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Digital Projects Lab


Brett Bodemer is the librarian for Cal Poly’s College of Liberal Arts. In this role he supports the instructional, consultation and collections needs of the College. He pioneered the peer reference and instruction model at Cal Poly, and now, as Coordinator of the Digital Projects Lab, he fosters collaboration with internal and external partners to advance innovative research, scholarship and creative activities. Brett has a diversity of interests, with publications including not only scholarly articles on library topics, but fiction, translations, and poetry. His current memoir project explores cognitive mapping and the application of data tools to his personal experience in a racially bifurcated Seattle neighborhood in the 1960s and early 1970s. His biographic monograph, "John Hedley in North China and Inner Mongolia 1897-1912," was published by Eastbridge in 2008 and earlier work includes essays on the history and poetics of English-language haiku. Theatre Lab Company employed his translation of Moliere for a production of Don Juan in London's Hoxton Hall in 2018. His 2006 M.A. Thesis, "The Title as Suspect Codpiece" took a new look at Rabelais' parody of a medieval Parisian library. A Seattle native, Brett has lived in both in Honolulu, Hawaii and Hanoi, Vietnam. Brett's library research interests include technologies of writing, the history of classification, the undergraduate research process, and the role of peer learning in academic libraries.


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