Administrative Services

Administrative Services is the glue of the library – their goal is to make the running of the library easier for library faculty and staff by maintaining the library’s operations and infrastructure including facilities space planning, building operations, budget analysis, human resources, event planning, administrative support, scheduling, and recruitment to name just a few.


Tricia Kobielusz (she/her/hers)
Financial Analyst
805-756-2251 | E-mail | Office: 35-204E

Ken Kolegraff
Facilities Manager
805-756-5059 | E-mail | Office: 35-216G

Shelly Kurkeyerian (she/her/hers)
Event and Recruiting Coordinator
805-756-2374 | E-mail | Office: 35-204D

Ashley Laguna (she/her/hers)
Assistant to the Dean
805-756-2345 | E-mail | Office: 35-204

Cheryl May (she/her/hers)
Director of Library Operations
805-756-5785 | E-mail | Office: 35-204C