Library spaces

Are you a night owl? Got a last-minute project? Prefer studying in night shifts?
Our late night study areas on the first floor allow you to work whenever you want – open 24/7 on most days through the academic year, we want to make sure you achieve your goals on your own time.

You can choose to work in the silent study room where we kindly ask you to keep quiet conversation to a minimum and silence your phones.
Open Studio and PolyConnect lab feature many PC and Mac workstations for you.

The Hub24 also includes snack, coffee machines, and microwaves.

Bring your ID

Cal Poly IDs are required for access when the main Library is closed: Hub24 is open 24/7.
Hours may vary during quarter breaks, holidays, and the summer quarter. Please check our hours page for details.

Be Safe

    • Escort Van
      Cal Poly University Police offers an escort van pickup. The van leaves from in front of Kennedy Library 10 and 40 min past the hour.
    • University Police
      University Police routinely monitor and walk through the 24/7 spaces after hours to keep you safe.
    • Emergency Alarms
      Just in case – there are well-marked blue emergency pulls throughout the library.
    • Safety Advice
      Better safe than sorry – please read the University Police safety tips.
Fishbowls (bookable)

Student Fishbowls (bookable)

Our glass-walled collaboration rooms on the second floor are known as fishbowls.
Use them for group meetings for up to eight people, we have large whiteboards and a big flat screen monitor in each room.

Learn more about our Student Fishbowls (bookable).
  Book online!

Faculty Fishbowls (bookable)

Use our faculty collaboration rooms for meetings, consultations, and office hours. Find these glass-walled collaboration rooms on the 2nd floor, at the top of the main staircase behind Julian’s Café and Bistro.

Learn more about our Faculty Fishbowls (bookable).
  Book online!

Group Study Rooms

In addition to the fishbowls, the library has another 22 group study rooms available on a first come, first served basis. These rooms are located on the 1st, 3rd, 4th and 5th floors. See our library maps and directories for more information.

All of the group study rooms are equipped with whiteboards and large monitors you can use to display your work.

Cal Poly graduate students are invited to use rooms 301 or 401 for study and research.
Room 301 is a collaborative study space, equipped with soft group seating, movable desks, whiteboards, computers, a printer, several power outlets, and mobile lockers (Check with the Front Desk for availability and mobile locker policies (PDF).) that can go anywhere in the library. Room 401 was designed for quiet study. It’s equipped with soft individual seating, several individual tables, mobile privacy panels, whiteboards, and computers.

Open Studio

Struggling with big data and slow computers? Not in the Open Studio!

The Open Studio is part of Hub24 on the first floor. We have special software and faster computers that are specially equipped for volume data like maps and GIS data.

Learn more about the Open Studio

Computer Labs

There are more than 300 computers in the library. You can find most of them in the labs on the first and second floor.

Room 111B- Windows Lab: 36 computers
Room 114C- PolyConnect Lab (PC and Mac): 48 computers
Room 216A- Mac Lab: 24 Mac computers
Room 216B- Active Learning Lab: 32 computers
Room 217C- Windows Lab: 27 computers
Room 217D- Windows Lab: 26 computers

These labs are used for classes, but are open access when not scheduled. Go to Cal Poly Space and Event Scheduling and click “Kennedy Library Computer Labs” to view the schedules for these labs.
It’s easy to find which computers are available with our computer availability maps.
View a list of the installed software on our computers. 


The library’s Active Learning Lab removes barriers to learning and inspires both students and instructors to innovate.

This space features intuitive technology and spaces that support multiple uses, including testing and evaluation of parallel technologies. The lab is available for open access when not scheduled.

Learn more about the Active Learning Lab.

Open Computers

Most of the 300+ computers are in our six labs on the first and second floors. There are also open computer stations throughout the library, available to any students. They are available to everyone on a first-come-first-serve basis. It’s easy to find which computers are available with our computer availability maps.

Quiet Study

You need to concentrate? We understand. The fourth and fifth floor are dedicated to quiet and silent study, respectively.

Too loud?

Please let us know if other library users are overly loud on the upper levels. Library staff is available to reinforce our expectations of quiet on these floors.

Need headphones?

Borrow headphones from the PolyConnect Lab (first floor, room 114), if you didn’t bring your own.

Inclusive Prayer, Meditation, and Sensory Room

Kennedy Library supports the holistic wellness of the Cal Poly community.

We have opened a space for prayer, meditation, calming sensory overload, or quiet reflection for students, faculty and staff of all faiths and abilities.

Room 408 is available for quiet contemplation, meditation, calming sensory overload, reflection, or prayer. Silence is valued in this space.

Have you used this space?  Tell us about your experience via our short online survey.

Familiarize yourself with the policies of the space.