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The mission of Robert E. Kennedy Library is to promote open and informed inquiry, foster collaboration and innovation, support the unique needs of every student and scholar at Cal Poly, and contribute to the cultural life of San Luis Obispo. Read more about our strategic plan.

Access our annual reports on DigitalCommons. Other publications are available on our communications page.

Assessment & Surveys

We regularly assess our programs and survey our users so that we can provide the best services possible. When you ask, we listen.


The Student Library Advisory Council (SLAC) advises Kennedy Library on behalf of Cal Poly students.

The SLAC Winter 2013 Survey was sent to 20% of the student body with 693 respondents completing the entire survey and another 275 weighing in on select questions. Read more about the findings.


Full-time faculty were sent the internationally recognized Ithaka survey in spring 2014. We received a 19% response rate. Read about the findings and our next steps.


Kennedy Library’s annual statistics, including expenditures, staffing, service transactions, and collections, are reported in the California State University Libraries Annual Statistics.

Quick Facts


2014 ACRL University Library Award Winner

20,186 Cal Poly Students
1,303 Cal Poly Faculty


  • 1.43M library visits
  • 1.25M web sessions
  • Open 4,579 hours per year (excluding 24-hour space)
  • 58,125 visits to 24-hour space between 2-7am


  • 45 staff and faculty
  • 147 student assistants worked 41,718 hours
  • 20 group study rooms
  • 337 public computers with 271,612 logins
  • 71 laptops and 60 iPads loaned 41,228 times
  • 1.6M collections budget
  • 195,000 eBooks
  • 605,000 eBook downloads
  • 45,000+ online journals
  • 799,000 full-text article views
  • 2.6 million downloads from DigitalCommons@CalPoly

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