Student Library Advisory Council (SLAC)

The vision of the Student Library Advisory Council shall be to inspire library improvements by engaging in dialog with library staff and administration, advocating on behalf of student needs, both within the library, with other decision-makers, and with students; and promoting the library’s integration of  student perspectives into its services and priorities.

As a campus hub for student learning, Kennedy Library plays a key role in student success, and nurtures an inclusive and vibrant sense of community at Cal Poly. Student input and support are critical to the Library’s ability to meet student needs. The Student Library Advisory Council (SLAC) is a student run committee that advises the library on matters regarding the Robert E. Kennedy Library, and provides a student voice on library issues to other decision-makers and supporters (e.g. ASI).


  • Alec Der Matoian
  • Abby Dorrell
  • Alejandra Garcia
  • Anshula Singh
  • Annalise Whitacre
  • Esther Chen
  • Eric Zhong
  • Hana Zarea
  • Ian Sun
  • Marco Reza
  • Max Wu
  • Madeline Maloon
  • Matt Zimmerman
  • Stefanie Lee
  • Shae Langley
  • Trent Baldwin
  • Layla Lopez



The Cal Poly Student Library Advisory Council represents diverse campus perspectives. Ideally the council strives to have one member for every academic college, a graduate student member, a library assistant, and a representative for Associated Students Incorporated (ASI). Representation of other campus councils and committees is valued, and SLAC members may meet and consult with groups such as SC3.

Advisory and Think Tank

The Student Library Advisory Council meets regularly to discuss and advise on issues that affect the quality of the student experience with Cal Poly Library Services. The Associate Dean for Academic Services and Library Faculty Advisors consult with the group chair or co-chairs to develop agendas and to share information with Council members and seek student input on a variety of issues, including:

  • Library service priorities
  • Non-library services that affect student library users
  • Design of student spaces in the library
  • Effectiveness of library communications
  • Quality of library user experiences (in person and digital)

In support of their work on these issues, SLAC

  • Develops and deploys a yearly survey to elicit feedback from students regarding Library Services and participates in analyzing and sharing the results of the survey with other students;
  • Serves as ongoing “think tank”, providing the Library with feedback and input on specific issues, including Library programs, technology and computing, facilities, communication.

Advocates and ambassadors

SLAC members also serve as “ambassadors” in the same way that college student ambassadors do, supporting students’ interests in the library by:

  • Advocating with decision-makers and potential library supporters to secure resources for the Library services and programs students need; and
  • Assisting the library in raising student awareness of how Library programs and services can help them.


Please see the links for information about the Council’s accomplishments last year, their meeting schedule, and opportunities to contribute to the Council.

For more information about the Council please contact the SLAC Advisors: