Special Collections and Archives instructional sessions

Special Collections and Archives offers a variety of services and resources for Cal Poly faculty desiring to introduce their students to archives and primary source research, individual or collaborative research projects, or teaching undergraduate and graduate courses that utilize our collections.

Faculty are invited to explore topics with Special Collections staff to craft memorable, hands-on experiences and to consult our resources to learn about the scope of our collections and services.

Examples of Instructional Sessions

The collections are used in a wide variety of ways. Examples of instructional sessions include, but are not limited, to:

  • Introduction to archival research: get your students engaging with primary sources through active learning sessions with our unique materials
  • Engage with our Book Arts, Artists’ Books, and Graphic Arts and Fine Printing collections for students developing portfolios, book design, graphic design, rhetoric
  • Subject-specific curriculum support: students are invited to discover primary sources on class research subjects

Check-in procedures


Laura Sorvetti
Email: ude.yloplacnull@ttevrosl
Phone: (805) 756-2391

Requesting an instructional session

Special Collections cannot guarantee an instructional session without a reservation.

In order to confirm the availability of the Reading Room for an instructional session, and to permit retrieval of materials from off-site storage, please complete the following “Request a Class” form. If possible, we ask that  the form be submitted a minimum of 2 weeks in advance.

We will confirm the availability of Special Collections within 48 hours. Please do not assume that a request is confirmed without a telephone or email confirmation.

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