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Written by Conny ten months ago

Thank you for your input (SLAC Survey 2016)!

Each year the Student Library Advisory Council (SLAC) conducts a survey with the goal of assessing how the library’s spaces, services and resources can improve. This January the library launched the 2016 survey, resulting in over 2,600 responses received from

Written by Conny ten months ago

Promoting Student Workplace Skills

Prospective employers consider graduates’ workplace skills developed while in higher education as significant factors in their employability. Cal Poly is embedding purposeful out-of-class support programs to boost students’ learning experiences and enhance their acquisition of transferable skills, and Kennedy Library

Written by Leona Rajaee ten months ago

Textbook Match Program Gives Students an Affordable and Accessible Alternative to Traditional Textbooks

In an effort to combat the rising costs of textbooks and give students an easy-to-access alternative to physical textbooks, Kennedy Library has partnered with the University Store and professors across campus to provide students a list of course e-books for

Written by Leona Rajaee ten months ago

Cal Poly Authors: Governed Through Choice

Political Science Department assistant professor Jennifer Denbow visited Kennedy Library last month for a talk focusing on the Denbow’s new book, Governed Through Choice: Autonomy, Technology, and the Politics of Reproduction. College of Liberal Arts assistant professor Brian Beaton, moderated

Written by Leona Rajaee eleven months ago

Student Assistants of Kennedy Library: Design Team

Every month on Out Loud, we will be featuring some of the different student assistant teams that work throughout the Kennedy Library. This month, we chose to showcase the Design Team, which is responsible for designing graphics, handling web development, and

Written by Conny one year ago

Partnering Across Campus

Kennedy Library is as strong as its people and its partners. And that’s strong! We are grateful for our partners’ generous collaborations in support of our students and community, and proud of our accomplished and dedicated faculty and staff. Partnering

Written by Conny one year ago

Fast, Powerful Software for All: A New Virtual Desktop Solution

Kennedy Library is currently piloting a new virtual desktop infrastructure (VDI) technology called Application Jukebox on its Windows workstations. Cal Poly’s library is the first U.S. academic library to deploy this cost-effective solution for delivering software to students. Application Jukebox

Written by Conny one year ago

Sharing and Mapping Local Historical Images

This fall, Data Services partnered with Fresno State University Library to digitize, index, and geolocate historical aerial photographs of San Luis Obispo and Monterey Counties held in Cal Poly’s collection. Hundreds of Cal Poly’s aerial photographs of the Central Coast from

Written by Conny one year ago

Transforming Our Third Floor

Your library has been hard at work transforming the third floor to create collaborative and inspirational spaces. You may have already noticed new flooring, low shelving, tables, whiteboard walls, a new color scheme, and additional electrical outlets. We have plans

Written by Conny one year ago

Paying it Forward with Open Access

“Open Access” – what does it mean? For some, it means the open web, Wikipedia, or Google, and that raises questions: if it’s free, is it scholarly? Who pays for it? Who benefits? Open access is a complex issue that represents