Print, copy, scan

You have many printing options at Kennedy Library, including 14 laser-printers and access to specialty printing. See the links below to find out how you can print, where to find copiers, where you can send a fax, or how to access a scanner.

Printer locations
There are 14 PolyCard printers located in the Library (see map). Print from any library computer including rental laptops, then swipe your PolyID at any of the PolyCard printers in the library to get printouts.

Laser printing is available using PolyCard Campus Express account. Printing on library lab computers defaults to double-sided, black-and-white prints. Print defaults can be changed in the print dialog box to color or single-sided as needed.

Printers by floor

  • Floor 1 – 5 printers
  • PolyConnect Lab 114B (2)
  • 111 Open Area (2)
  • Room 111B
  • Floor 2 – 5 printers
  • Research help desk
  • Room/Lab 216A
  • Room/Lab 216B
  • Room/Lab 217C
  • Room/Lab 217D
  • Floor 3 – 2 printers
  • Grad Study Room
  • Near the elevators
  • Floor 4 – 1 printer
  • Near the elevators
  • Floor 5 – 1 printer
  • Near the elevators
Payment options

Pay by PolyCard

PolyCard printing requires that you have money in your Campus Express account, accessed by using your PolyCard. (Plus Dollars are for dining only.) Find instructions for loading money to your Campus Express account here or pick up an instructional flyer at the library circulation desk.


Ink One-sided Two-sided
Black and white $.10 $.20
Color $.20 $.40

The PolyCard printing service is operated by ITS (not Kennedy Library), and delivers non-profit printing services to students campus-wide. ITS works with the campus fee committee to determine the “break-even” cost. Contact the ITS Service Desk at (805) 756-7000 for additional information.

Pay in cash

You can print from your USB drive on the copiers located on the 1st floor which accepts coins. You can use cash, credit or debit cards at Cal Poly Print & Copy, located in the 24-hour Room on the 1st floor. To do this:

  • Save your document to a USB drive or email the document to yourself
  • Open the document at Cal Poly Print & Copy
  • Note: there is a $1.50 minimum for this service

Problems with your prints?

Printer ink faded? Paper jam? We know that your document may not always print out perfectly due to printer issues. You can fill out a request for a print refund here.

Print from your Mac or PC

To learn about printing from your own device (Mac or PC) click on this Information Services, Print ,Copy and Scan page.

Default print settings / how to change them
Printing from Library computers defaults to double-sided, black-and-white prints.

Changing PC default settings

  1. After you click “Print” from within your document
  2. Click on “Printer Properties” in the Print window
  3. Adjust the “Duplex” options for 1 or 2 sided prints
  4. Select “Output Color” of either Black or Color

Changing MacOS default settings

To change to one-sided or two-sided

  1. In the Print window, pull down the “Copies & Pages” menu
  2. Select “Layout”
  3. Next to “Two-Sided”
    • Select “Off” for one-sided printing
    • Select “Long Edge Binding” for two-sided portrait printing


To change to color or black

  1. In the Print window, pull down the “Copies & Pages” menu
  2. Select “Printer Features”
  3. Next to “Output Color”
    • Select “Color” or “Black”


If you need help, go to the Research help desk or the Poly Connect lab for assistance.

Specialty printing, copies and fax

Kennedy Library is pleased to partner with Cal Poly Print & Copy located in Hub24 on the first floor.

Large-format, specialty printing

Cal Poly Print & Copy hosts a specialty-printing lab which can print letter-sized, one-color projects as well as full-color, oversized print projects.

Copy machines


  • First floor in Hub24 (Rm. 114)
  • First floor in room 111
  • Second floor, near elevators
  • Third floor, near elevators

Cal Poly Print & Copy also services and maintains copy machines throughout the library. These machines take cash only (no PolyCards).

Fax machine

In addition to printing services and copiers, Cal Poly Print & Copy also has a Fax machine for campus use. Visit their walk-up window for more information.



There are four scanners located on the second floor behind the Research help desk on the 2nd floor. These flatbed scanners can handle documents up to 11″x17.” Scanned documents can be saved as PDFs or JPGs and then saved to a USB drive or sent via email.

More options

Cal Poly Print & Copy can also scan documents up to 11″x17″.

For tech support with printers, please contact Information Technology Services (ITS).