Academic Services

The Academic services unit includes the College Librarians, Academic Services Librarians, Reference and Data Services, Special Collections and Archives, and Academic and Scholarly Communications.
The breadth of talent in this unit focuses on the creating, delivering, and supporting services, resources, and programs that will help the Cal Poly community’s needs.


Mark Bieraugel (they/them/theirs)
Librarian, Orfalea College of Business
Research, Instruction, and Collection Development
805-756-6247 | E-mail | Office: 35-206

Brett Bodemer
College of Liberal Arts Librarian & Coordinator of Reference
Research, Instruction, Collection Development, Reference.
805-756-2203 | E-mail | Office: 35-205

Leyla Cabugos (she/they)
Agriculture and Environmental Sciences Librarian
805-756-5719 | E-mail | Office: 35-216E

Danielle Daugherty (she/her/hers)
Institutional Repository Coordinator
805-756-6536 | E-mail | Office: 35-208

Katy Fluitt
Academic Services Department Coordinator
805-756-6052 | E-mail | Office: 35-35-208

Jessica Holada (she/her/hers)
Director of Special Collections & Archives
805-756-5771 | E-mail | Office: 35-409

Sarah Lester (she/her/hers)
Librarian, College of Engineering
805-756-6019 | E-mail | Office: 35-35-216F

Katherine O'Clair (she/her/hers)
Associate Dean for Academic Services
805-756-2690 | E-mail | Office: 35-204B

Mercedes Rutherford-Patten
Academic Services Librarian
805-756-7549 | E-mail | Office: 35-216G

Jeanine Scaramozzino
Librarian, College of Science & Mathematics and School of Education
Research, Instruction, and Collection Development
805-756-5677 | E-mail | Office: 35-216H

Laura Sorvetti (she/her/hers)
Reference and Instruction, Special Collections and Archives
805-756-2391 | E-mail | Office: 35-409

Jesse Vestermark
Librarian, College of Architecture and Environmental Design
Research, Instruction, and Collection Development
805-756-2640 | E-mail | Office: 35-216J

Zach Vowell
Digital Archivist
805-756-5710 | E-mail | Office: 35-409

Russ White
Data and GIS Specialist
805-756-2380 | E-mail | Office: 35-510E