Staff and librarians

Department E-mail Phone Office
Mark Bieraugel
Librarian, Orfalea College of Business
Academic Services ude.yloplacnull@guareibm 805-756-6247 206
Brett Bodemer
Librarian, College of Liberal Arts; College of Engineering; Coordinator, Digital Research, Scholarship and Creative Activities Hub
Academic Services ude.yloplacnull@remedobb 805-756-2203 205
Kaila Bussert
Foundational Experiences Librarian
Academic Services ude.yloplacnull@tressubk 805-756-5937 216H
Carole A. Chapman
Information Resources Coordinator
Information Resources and Resource Sharing ude.yloplacnull@50mpahcc 805-756-6267 103
Linda Daguerre
Student Assistant Coordinator
Access Services ude.yloplacnull@rreugadl 805-756-5760 35-101
Nikki DeMoville
Electronic Resources and Resource Sharing Coordinator
Information Resources and Resource Sharing ude.yloplacnull@livomedn 805-756-5780 104
Tommy DeMoville
Workstation Specialist
Library Information Technology ude.yloplacnull@livomedt 805-756-5750 105F
Katy Fluitt
Technology Checkout Desk Coordinator
Access Services ude.yloplacnull@ttiulfk 805-756-6052 35-101
Doug Gates
Reference Specialist
Academic Services ude.yloplacnull@setagd 805-756-6241 104
Jeremy Hobbs
Acquisitions Specialist
Information Resources and Resource Sharing ude.yloplacnull@sbbohtj 805-756-1484 103
Jessica Holada
Director of Special Collections & Archives
Special Collections and Archives ude.yloplacnull@adalohj 805-756-5771 409
Carl W. Hunt
Lead Applications Programmer and Integrator
Library Information Technology ude.yloplacnull@tnuhwc 805-756-2082 510A
Patrick Kammermeyer
Digital Media Specialist
Library Information Technology ude.yloplacnull@mremmakp 510B
Joan Kennedy
Serials & Bindery Coordinator
Information Resources and Resource Sharing ude.yloplacnull@ydennekj 805-756-5781 103
Tricia Kobielusz
Financial Analyst
Administrative Services ude.yloplacnull@uleibokt 805-756-2251 204E
Shelly Kurkeyerian
Events and Recruitment Coordinator
Administrative Services ude.yloplacnull@eyekruks 805-756-2374 204D
Christopher Lee
Borrowing Specialist
Information Resources and Resource Sharing ude.yloplacnull@861eelc 805-756-6483 103
Conny Liegl
Designer for Web, Graphics and UX
Communications and Special Initiatives ude.yloplacnull@lgeilc 805-756-7544 510A
Berlin Loa
Archives Processor and Projects Coordinator
Special Collections and Archives ude.yloplacnull@aolb 805-756-5896 409
Briana Martenies
Director, External Relations
Administrative Services ude.yloplacnull@inetramb 805-756-7549 208
Cheryl May
Director of Access, Operations & Administrative Services
Administrative Services ude.yloplacnull@yamsc 805-756-5785 204C
Cynthia McLin
Monographic Cataloging & Metadata Services Specialist
Information Resources and Resource Sharing ude.yloplacnull@nilcmc 805-756-6270 35-103
Caleb Nichols
Evening Services Specialist
Access Services ude.yloplacnull@71ohcinc 805-756-6040
Katherine O'Clair
Librarian, College of Agriculture, Food and Environmental Sciences
Academic Services ude.yloplacnull@rialcok 805-756-2690 216J
Cathe Olson
Access Services Coordinator
Access Services ude.yloplacnull@50nosloc 805-756-2020 101
Adriana Popescu
Interim Dean of Library Services
Academic Services, Dean of Library Services ude.yloplacnull@ucsepop 805-756-2622 35-204B
Michael Price
Library Applications Specialist
Library Information Technology ude.yloplacnull@ecirpm 805-756-6481 510A
Holly Richmond
Lending Specialist
Information Resources and Resource Sharing ude.yloplacnull@nomhcirh 805-756-5701 103
Mercedes Rutherford
Library Services Specialist
Academic Services, Access Services ude.yloplacnull@rehturem 805-756-6063
Sarah Sayeed
Facilities and IT Coordinator
Library Information Technology ude.yloplacnull@deeyass 805-756-7014 208
Jeanine Scaramozzino
Librarian, College of Science & Mathematics and the School of Education; Coordinator, Research & Scholarly Services
Academic Services ude.yloplacnull@omaracsj 805-756-5677 216E
Mark Smith
Server Specialist
Library Information Technology ude.yloplacnull@htimsram 805-756-7077 510A
Laura Sorvetti
Reference, Outreach, and Instruction Services Specialist
Special Collections and Archives ude.yloplacnull@ttevrosl 805-756-2391 409
Tim Strawn
Interim Associate Dean
Information Resources and Resource Sharing ude.yloplacnull@nwartst 805-756-1485 104B
Cassandra Swartzwelder
Resource Sharing & Collections Specialist
Information Resources and Resource Sharing ude.yloplacnull@wztrawsc 805-756-2362 35-104
Catherine Trujillo
Exhibits and Campus Arts Curator
Academic Services ude.yloplacnull@llijurtc 805-756-6395 510A
Jesse Vestermark
Librarian, College of Architecture and Environmental Design
Academic Services ude.yloplacnull@mretsevj 805-756-2640 216F
Zach Vowell
Digital Archivist
Special Collections and Archives ude.yloplacnull@llewovz 805-756-5710 409
Russ White
Data and GIS Specialist
Academic Services ude.yloplacnull@etihwr 805-756-2380 111A
Jia-Xun Wong
Stacks Maintenance Coordinator
Access Services ude.yloplacnull@gnowlj 805-756-6045 101B