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Written by Leona Rajaee one year ago

Cutting-edge video production for all: Kennedy Library launches One Button Studio

Recording video in the One Button Studio

The One Button Studio helps fulfill Kennedy Library’s goal to provide access to technology and innovative spaces for the Cal Poly community. Opened October 1, 2015, Cal Poly students, faculty and staff now have access to advanced video production tools

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Purity, by Jonathan Franzen


Jonathan Franzen has a way of pissing some people off. Popular author Jennifer Weiner, for example, has been in a feud with him for years, and invented the term “Franzenfreude,” defined as “the frustration with literary critics’ apparent preference for

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Upcoming Events and Exhibits

Next Stop: SLO. The Arrival of the Southern Pacific Railroad (Exhibit, Special Collections & Archives), September 22 – December 17, 2015 Open Access Week: Open for Collaboration Laura Hosman, SPELL – Solar Powered Educational Learning Library (Event, Room 111H), October 22,

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Next Stop – San Luis Obispo: The Arrival of the Southern Pacific Railroad 

Next Stop: SLO
Exhibit in Special Collections
and Archives, room 409

In early October, Special Collections and Archives participated in the 2015 Central Coast Railroad Festival, connecting with local train buffs and the general public alike. Two interactive web maps were unveiled, which compliment a student-curated exhibit. The narrow-gauge Pacific Coast Railway carried people

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New One Button Video Production Studio Opened Oct. 1

One Button Studio

With generous funding from the Orfalea College of Business, Kennedy Library now offers students and faculty Cal Poly’s first One Button Studio! It’s a simple video production studio that requires no technical knowledge to operate. Here’s how it works: Enter

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10 Million Downloads: Sharing Cal Poly Scholarship Worldwide


In October 2015 DigitalCommons@CalPoly http://digitalcommons.calpoly.edu/ achieved a major milestone: 10 million downloads, from 160 countries, since the digital archive launched in 2008! Nicola Leyshon’s recently uploaded thesis “Temporal changes to fire risk in disparate wildland urban interface communities” was the 10

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Cinematic and Statistical Resources for Teaching and Research: Kanopy and Statista

Looking for PBS, California Newsreel, Criterion, and other films and videos in a Netflix-like interface? Do your students need to discover, extract and visualize global iPhone sales from 2007 to 2015 by quarter or want a quick look at global

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Fall at Kennedy Library: Welcome and Thank You!, Fall 2015-16

Fall is in the air at last! As we open the doors on a new academic year, I’d like to begin by sharing our thanks to donors whose generosity helped fund four new study rooms on the library’s second floor:

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Library’s New Strategic Plan, 2015-2022

The library is pleased to share our new strategic plan http://lib.calpoly.edu/2022. Featuring themes of creating, connecting, bridging, curating, and sustaining, the library’s strategic plan lays out our vision to “connect people and inspire learning.” Our new plan reflects nearly a

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Cinematic and Statistical Resources for Teaching and Research: Kanopy and Statista

Thousands of films:
Watch and stream movies
with Kanopy streaming.

Kennedy Library has two new information resources to support your teaching and research. Media streaming with Kanopy The first is Kanopy, a media streaming service that offers 12,000 films and videos from more than 800 filmmakers. Their key partners include