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Written by Tyler Deitz five years ago

Introducing our updated and integrated Out Loud blog

Hey everyone! This is Tyler Deitz, the library’s new web developer student assistant. Starting this summer I have been working on a new iteration of our library’s excellent Out Loud blog, with the main task of unifying the blog’s layout with

Written by Conny Liegl five years ago

Hacking for the library

12 hours. 1 room. More than 100 students: software engineers, web developers, graphic designers, marketers. We were happy to see so many library student assistants among the hackers in Bonderson, and would like to thank all of you for attending.

Written by Karen Lauritsen six years ago

Redesigned library website is live! We invite your continued feedback.


It’s here! Kennedy Library has launched our new and improved website for the Cal Poly community. The planning and implementation of the new website has been informed by our visitors at every step of the way. That’s why you’ll find

Written by Karen Lauritsen six years ago

3-2-1 Launch! Redesigned website is about to blast off

Screenshot of an iteration of the redesigned library website

We are very excited to share with you, our users and community, our new and improved website soon! It’s been months of sketching, testing, surveying and talking (sometimes excitedly, if you know what I mean) and we’re happy to get

Written by Conny Liegl six years ago

Reinventing the library website: The Guide

Conny and her team have created "a simple guide to good web content" - a Web Communications brochure that will help library staff create better content for our website. Not only will it help the usability of Kennedy Library's online presence, it can also be shared across libraries and serve as a model for others.

Written by Patrick Kammermeyer six years ago

Reinventing the library website: The mockups

Mobile Mockup Wide

Our heroic web designer, Conny Liegl, has emerged from countless meetings and reams of feedback with some beautiful and impressive mockups of our website redesign. This redesign raises the bar for library website navigation and functionality. As Conny puts it,

Written by Patrick Kammermeyer six years ago

Reinventing the library website: Student sketches

Library Website Mockup

Back in January, we placed stacks of paper around the library. Printed on these stacks was a blank webpage frame. We made one simple request: Please sketch your idea for an improved Kennedy Library website.

Written by Conny Liegl six years ago

Reinventing the library website

Perhaps you’ve heard it through the grapevine. Or maybe you have participated in our ongoing user studies. You may have even sketched your ideal library website for us. All of these are the telltale signs of a project afoot, right? Right. Recent statistics and student surveys have revealed to us that it’s time to raise the bar for our library website. As part of that effort, we’ve established a Web Steering Committee to address some of the goals and challenges in our process.

Written by amagwili eight years ago

Launched! The library has a new mobile-friendly site

Now, when you visit our website using an iPhone or Android device, you will find a launch-pad to our mobile-friendly content and web applications. For When You’re On the Go Check library hours from the bus. Look for an available