2011 – 2012 Annual Publication
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Here you will find videos and other moving images as well as links to podcasts and additional information to accompany this year's annual publication. We hope you enjoy learning more about our exhibits, programs and changes!

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We Listen: Reshaping Library Spaces with Dale Kohler

Dale highlights changes at the library that were inspired by student feedback in this short video that accompanies Summer Transformations.

Your New Atrium

This stop-motion documentation of the pavers installation in the atrium shows how the student study space was expanded.

You can also check out a glowing phenomenon our camera captured one night while documenting the new atrium landscaping. We asked students to solve the mystery on our Facebook page and biology major Darrell Reasner posited we were watching bioluminescent bacteria.

Read Students Put Their Feet Up for the atrium's story.

Viewer's Choice Video by Kate Smith

University Librarian Anna Gold describes this Viewer's Choice video as one that "perfectly captures the synergy between the Kennedy Library and its users" in her letter to annual publication readers.

Bionic Exoskeleton at Cal Poly Science Café

Russ Angold demonstrates the merging of man and machine with the HULC exoskeleton. You can also hear a podcast of this Science Café about bionics on our Out Loud blog or read Grab a Cup of Science Café to learn more.

Look the Other Way

Two men at a desk. Click to view the animation. Women standing at a table. Click to view the animation.

Click on an image above to see the animated GIF in a new window. Learn more about this "exhibition of photographic truth and fiction" in our annual publication.