Activities and accomplishments



This year, SLAC thrived under the leadership of Chair Tucker Brofft, Vice-Chair (and future ASI President) Jason Colombini and Secretary Ryan Bitter. Jesse Vestermark returned as faculty co-advisor, while Associate University Librarian Sarah Cohen joined as the new co-advisor. Mid-year, SLAC founding alumna and Library Services Specialist Laura Sorvetti was welcomed as a third co-advisor. The council divided again into the Survey and Coziness committees with communications now being handled as needed by representatives from both teams, as well as design and programming liaisons from the library’s web-graphics team.

Major accomplishments:

  • Set up a Google Drive folder, increasing transparency and improving collaborative access to live projects and documents.
  • Organized and hosted a photo contest in order to put student-generated images on the walls. The contest had three categories; Landscape, SLO Life, and Learn by Doing, all of which represent the Cal Poly student experience. Thirteen of the 70 entries were recognized, with a reception for winners in the Stairwell Gallery, and with the photos later displayed in the Second Floor Cafe.
  • Student survey garnered 920 full responses and 50 pages of comments, informing directions for the library’s spaces, technology and upcoming website re-design. For the first time, the most noteworthy statistics were represented through an info-graphic made in collaboration with the library’s student graphic designers.
  • Year-end letter to University Librarian Anna Gold.


  • Creation and adoption of a Constitution (PDF)
  • Creation and adoption of Bylaws (PDF)
  • Since the inaugural survey, a renovation of the atrium was implemented, over 1000 more power outlets were added, Friday and Saturday library hours were increased, and 10 LCD screens were added to display computer availability throughout the library.
  • SLAC sent out a survey to 25% of all Cal Poly students in Winter 2012 to get their opinion on Kennedy Library.
  • Specific recommendations and actions, focused on four high priority areas:
    1. Longer hours, from staying open later on Fridays and Saturdays to 24-hour access to the whole building
    2. More study spaces for groups and individuals
    3. More stationary computers
    4. More food options at Julian’s
    5. Spring 2012 Memo to University Librarian (PDF)


SLAC began the year by deciding to focus on making small changes that will make a big difference to Cal Poly students. They designed and carried out a survey of 25% Cal Poly students in Fall quarter to determine what changes to focus on based on student priorities.

  • Specific recommendations and actions, focused on five high priority areas:
    • Later main library hours on Friday and Saturday nights.
    • Adding access to power for laptop users.
    • Creating a more welcoming environment through more student artwork, more comfortable chairs, etc.
    • Improving usability of the Atrium as a study area.
    • Increasing access to desktop computers.
  • Winter 2011 Memo to Library Dean (PDF)

Spring 2010

In its first year, the founding Council members began meeting weekly in April and in the course of only two months, advised the Library on how to reach students through both web- and print-based media. They also provided significant input to the Library’s website, resulting in improved access to Library social media sites, and easier access to information about Library study spaces and computing resources. They also provided leadership and direction to students continuing their work in the following year.