Library and Information Literacy Instruction

Cal Poly’s College Librarians and Specialists partner with faculty to help students practice discipline-specific research skills as well as lifelong learning skills. Among these skills are the ability to:

  • Identify their information needs;
  • Locate, critically evaluate, and synthesize information; and
  • Apply ethical and legal considerations in using information.

Our librarians and specialists work with faculty to identify the types of library instruction that will be most effective in their courses, while fostering students’ independence and responsibility.

In-class instruction and instructional support

Targeting student information needs to help them successfully accomplish course learning objectives, librarians and specialists provide:

  •  Instructional sessions;
  • “Embedded” librarian support in a course over the duration of the quarter, whether via Canvas or in person;
  • Customized library guides aimed at the requirements of the syllabus; and/or
  • Assistance in integrating research skills in course assignments.

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Kennedy College Librarians and specialists provide individualized instruction and consultation, drawing on their specialized knowledge of information resources in a discipline or cross-disciplinary area.

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