Mission, values and vision


The mission of Robert E. Kennedy Library is to promote open and informed inquiry, foster collaboration and innovation, support the unique needs of every student and scholar at Cal Poly, and contribute to the cultural life of San Luis Obispo.


The library is committed to valuing the scholar in everyone by delivering excellent service, fostering collaboration and innovation, and respecting and nurturing Cal Poly’s distinctive sense of community.

Value Summary
Service We EMBRACE our role as educators and as providers of excellent service that supports instruction and learning, and that creates an effective environment for research and scholarship.
Collaboration We FOSTER an atmosphere of collaboration, student engagement and discovery, and partnerships that support learning.
Innovation We INSPIRE excellence by creating a dynamic learning and teaching environment that uses a polytechnic perspective to help shape the future.
Community We NURTURE the intellectual and cultural life of our campus and the region by serving as a hub for scholarly, co‐curricular, and creative academic engagement across all our communities for the common good.
Inclusive Excellence We ENCOURAGE inclusiveness by promoting understanding, learning, respect, and appreciation for all members of the Cal Poly community and beyond.


Because people are at the heart of our vision, we aspire to:

  1. Become a nationally recognized university library known for our excellence in delivering value through academically inspired innovation.
  2. Exceed the expectations of Cal Poly students and scholars through our exemplary services and resources.
  3. Advance the exchange of ideas at Cal Poly, fostering a community of scholars that reaches across the professions and disciplines and around the globe.

Because scholarship, communication, and learning are empowered and enhanced by digital systems and applications, and by access to digital content, we aspire to:

  1. Develop an integrated program of digital services across all areas of the library’s mission,
  2. Leverage shared and collaborative digital infrastructure to sustain and enhance digital learning and scholarship, and
  3. Prioritize digital strategies and projects based on the unique strengths and needs of the Cal Poly community.

Inclusive culture and Kennedy Library

“Foster diversity and cultural competency in a global context.”
— Cal Poly Strategic Plan, 2011

Like all libraries, the Kennedy Library has a deep commitment to promoting and serving a diverse and inclusive culture.

We collect and preserve diverse perspectives, experiences, and contributions to knowledge, so that they can become part of the common knowledge we build on as human beings. We also work continually to foster diversity in our work together, by valuing the distinctive contributions everyone makes to a culture of excellence. We offer a spirit of welcome and respect that informs all the library’s programs, and all our services. Our lively programs, events, and exhibits celebrate and share different experiences and perspectives.

In 2011 President Jeffrey Armstrong shared Cal Poly’s new strategic plan, which includes a commitment to “foster diversity and cultural competency in a global context.” At Kennedy Library this responsibility is shared by all of our staff and faculty. One way we support this joint commitment is through the Kennedy Inclusive Culture Committee (KICC), formed in 2012 to facilitate and coordinate activities to foster an organizational and service environment that actively welcomes and helps others experience cultural, global, and personal diversity. Each year this committee identifies activities and programs focused on three areas:

  1. outreach to first generation, non-traditional, and underrepresented students;
  2. library recruiting and organizational and personal learning; and
  3. public programs and services that offer visibility, voice, and exposure to culturally diverse and global experiences and perspectives.

Membership in KICC includes library faculty, staff, managers, and students.
For more information, please contact the committee at ude.yloplacnull@ccik-bil

KICC Members, 2014-2015
  • Anna Gold, ex officio, Dean of Library Services
  • Cheryl May, Administrative Services
  • Melissa Nunez, Student Representative
  • Katherine O’Clair, chair, Academic Services
  • Carla Simental, Student Representative
  • Catherine Trujillo, Communications and Special Initiatives
KICC Members, 2013-2014
  • Anna Gold, ex officio, University Librarian
  • Karen Lauritsen, Communications and Special Initiatives
  • Cheryl May, Administrative Services
  • Katherine O’Clair, chair, Academic Services
  • Carla Simental, Student Representative
  • Catherine Trujillo, Communications and Special Initiatives
KICC Members, 2012-2013
  • Anna Gold, ex officio, University Librarian
  • Simone Hidds-Narcisse, Student Representative
  • Cheryl May, Head, Library Administrative Services
  • Samantha Mora, Library Administrative Services
  • Katherine O’Clair, chair, College Librarian for CAFES
  • Holly Richmond, Access Services
  • Selene Roman, Student Representative
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