Propose a Community Exhibit

In order to support the array of research, scholarship, artistic and creative work that is representative of Cal Poly, the library invites faculty and students to participate in the Community Exhibits program.

Proposals for exhibits in the community galleries, together with the calendar of exhibits, will be reviewed by the Dean of Library Services with advice from the library’s communications group, on a quarterly basis, with ad hoc reviews as needed.

Proposals must be made a minimum of two months (60 days) in advance, or at the beginning of the academic year, in order to assure consideration.

Proposals must reflect our exhibit policies.

How to propose an exhibit

Review our exhibit policies.

Complete and submit the online proposal on this page.

Proposals will be reviewed by the Dean of Library Services with advice from the library’s communications group. Proposed exhibitors will be notified of status or acceptance.

Contact information

Affiliation or dept.
Telephone #

If you are a student:

Faculty adviser
Faculty email

Proposed location

Please complete separate forms if using multiple locations.

1st Floor Community Gallery2nd Floor Café Gallery

Proposed run dates of display

Reservations are scheduled in 1-week blocks for a maximum of 2 weeks. Refer to schedule for availability.

From (MM/DD/YY)
Installation date
Removal date


1) Title of Exhibit

2) Provide a brief description of the proposed exhibit’s primary theme or focus and format

3) Please identify campus partners if applicable

4) Please describe how this exhibit fits the criteria for projects shared in these spaces

5) Please provide a detailed description of content. Include formats such as posters, photos, photos with frames, etc.

Upload one pdf file with three to five visual samples, including labels or signage.

6) Please detail specific information for potential sensitive subject matter if applicable and how this will be addressed in didactic portion of display

7) Does the exhibit include labels or signage?

8) Describe any publicity such as press releases, advertisements, calls for participation, or events that would run in conjunction with the exhibition

Attach pertinent flyers if applicable.

9) Is this exhibit in conjunction with any planned event?

If yes, please describe them below.


Please read the community exhibit policies page.

I have reviewed the community exhibit policies