Take5 (formerly known as Stressbusters) is an outreach program that creates and facilitates positive, stress-relieving initiatives, activities and events in the library helping students to manage and reduce excessive stress, particularly in preparation for and during examination periods.

Core Values

  • Take5 team members lead by example: members have a positive attitude towards others and are fully committed to serving the Cal Poly student body; we are respectful to all.
  • Take5 listens to feedback: our stress-busting services are flexible, and reflect desires of students; we are inclusive to all.
  • Take5 team members are actively involved in finding and fostering partnerships with related and relevant programs on campus; we are open to all.
  • Take5 activities meet the changing needs of students: outreach methods will adapt to new technologies and trends; we are creative and experimental.


  • To provide meaningful, helpful and stress-relieving services to all students, supportive of their academic success.
  • To recognize and identify current student stressors and adjust the services accordingly.
  • To make use of library services supporting the Take5 mission; to promote and emphasize them.
  • To build alliances with library programs supporting our mission, and strengthen partnerships across campus.
  • To raise student awareness and to heighten recognition of the program by giving Take5 a unified branding and updated presence on the website.


The Take5 program is committed to making a difference to each individual student, and to contribute to a healthy Cal Poly campus climate. We will find and foster partnerships at Cal Poly, and raise awareness for stress-relieving programs and relevant services on campus.


Past Events