Guidelines for media requests


These guidelines are intended to ensure that the Robert E. Kennedy Library is represented with consistent messages and with a clear voice to all our constituents. As a publicly supported institution, the library has a responsibility to be responsive to requests for information about our activities. Public information about the library also helps us to fulfill our mission to support inquiry and learning at the University. Media outlets provide an important way for the library to communicate with the campus; with citizens of the region, the state, and beyond; and with the community of academic libraries. Reporters, in turn, require timely and accurate information in order to do their jobs.

The following media guidelines cover requests to the Robert E. Kennedy Library for interviews, comment, photography or filming, by any media organization, including student media. This guides all manners of news events including, but not limited to:

  • Responses to library activities or services (including library events, rumors, or negative feedback);
  • library policy questions;
  • responses to crises such as an unforeseen critical event, violent or non-violent, caused by nature, by accidents or by deliberate acts, about which the media and the public will expect information.

Media inquiries

University Communications supports all library media requests and should be contacted directly by the media for all requests. Media inquiries and requests received by the library will be directed to University Communications.


The University Communications office is the official spokesperson for the library. University Communications prepares public statements if necessary, and assures that public information is made available accurately and in a timely manner. University Communications may designate or request a library employee serve as the spokesperson for a particular event, program, exhibit, service, or issue.

Public record requests

Current public records requests by media organizations about the University, including the library, are to be handled according to the University’s public records request process.