Lost and found

Have you lost something? The first place to check is the Checkout desk.

a. Items lost in the library are turned in at the Checkout desk. Each item is logged, coded and stored in boxes, next to the desk of the supervisor in charge of lost and found.  Valuables, such as flash drives, phones, laptops, etc. are placed in a locked cabinet. Debit cards, checks, social security cards, and any other item that has sensitive personal information, or that may be a security or health concern are handed to the supervisor who in turn keeps them in the safe. Owners of such are notified immediately through Cal Poly email. All claimants will be required to show their ID card and sign the log book before items are released to them.

b. We keep all your lost and found items at Access Services for one week, after which all unclaimed items are taken to Cal Poly Lost & Found (CPLF) and Public Surplus, as per their policies.