Library use policies (user conduct and safety)


The Kennedy Library’s User Conduct and Safety policies are designed to ensure a pleasant and productive environment for study and research for all users. Our priorities are:

  • A welcoming, comfortable, and safe environment that promotes intellectual exploration and learning,
  • Access to well-managed and diverse collections of library resources, and
  • Knowledgeable and helpful staff.

Specific Policies

Ensuring a pleasant and productive environment for study and research for all users requires that users comply with library and campus policies, including computer use policies, and with requests made by library staff.

Expectations for behavior
Library users and staff will treat each other with respect and consideration; and respect private and University property.
Food and drink
Reasonable food and drink consumption is permitted in the Kennedy Library, except in designated areas. Users are expected to dispose of food waste appropriately.
» Cell Phone, Food, and Drink Policies
Access to the library building
Users are required to leave the Kennedy Library at closing, during emergency situations and evacuations, and whenever requested to leave by Library staff and/or University Police. Access to the library’s 24-hour space is limited to users with a current matriculated student, staff, or faculty Cal Poly ID whenever the main library is closed.
Computer use
Users of the Kennedy Library are subject to Cal Poly’s computing policies, including the responsible use policy. Use of licensed databases and online services is in most cases restricted to personal, noncommercial use. Use of software applications is governed by vendor licensing agreements.
» Computing, Labs and Rooms Policies
Responsibility for property
Users are responsible for their personal property at all times, and should never leave personal belongings unattended. The Kennedy Library is not liable for loss or damage to personal property.
Access to the library by children
Children should be accompanied at all times for their safety and well being by a parent or adult. Children should never be left unsupervised. Parents, not the Kennedy Library, are responsible for children’s use of the Library, including access to electronic resources.
Video and cameras
In order to assure the privacy of the library’s users, the use of still and video cameras within the library requires notification and approval of library administration.

Prohibited Behaviors

In addition, the following behaviors are specifically prohibited:

  • Disruptive activity or any behavior that interferes with the ordinary use and operation of the Kennedy Library.
  • Use of tobacco in any form in the Kennedy Library or in designated nonsmoking areas outside of library entrances.
  • Vending, peddling, and/or soliciting merchandise, services, or employment, without authorization, including soliciting money, distributing pamphlets, petitions, or other materials, and/or conducting unauthorized surveys.
  • Animals are not permitted in the Kennedy Library, with the exception of animals trained or being trained to assist persons with disabilities.
  • Removing library materials, equipment, or property from the Kennedy Library without proper checkout or authorization. Library materials may not be concealed within the library for the exclusive use of individuals or groups.

All users are expected to comply with these policies as well as all other campus policies. Library policies are enforceable by all members of the Kennedy Library faculty and staff.

Use of the Kennedy Library is a privilege. A person who doesn’t comply with these policies, whether a member of the university community or not, may be asked to leave the Kennedy Library, and may be refused future access to the Kennedy Library.

Revised and approved, August 3, 2010