Computer Labs Usage Policy by Groups without a Cal Poly login

Groups without a Cal Poly login at time of request must follow the process outlined below to request the use of reservable library computer labs.


Usage will be restricted to business hours which are 8:30am-4:30pm M-F and cannot be scheduled on Payroll or Academic and Campus holidays.


The following process is required for event consideration:

  • Request is submitted a minimum of four (4) weeks in advance, but no more than one (1) quarter in advance via the Office of the Registrar’s process:
    • If request is not submitted in time, use of the space will not be approved.
  • Upon receiving timely request, requester must obtain a security exception from ITS – can take up to 4 weeks
  • A thirty (30) minute setup window is required prior to event start time
    • Group contact must be present at this setup time to receive room and technology instructions and troubleshooting support
  • For scheduling entities, provide the following information when entering your reservation in 25Live:
    • Group Contact
    • Group Size – Limited to 20 computers max
    • Portal Access – do members in the group have portal access?
    • Confirm computer preference to ensure appropriate lab is scheduled
      • PC: 111b, 217C, 217D
      • Mac: 216A
      • Requests for software changes/additions will not be accommodated

Review Process

  • Once information is entered into 25Live for review, the library will follow up with the respective scheduling entity if additional information is needed
  • The library will notify the Office of the Registrar on whether use of the space should be approved or denied in 25Live

If request is approved:

  • The library will notify the Office of the Registrar request is approved
  • LIT staff will communicate further instructions to the requester regarding technology, building and room access, and additional request support as appropriate

If request is not approved

  • Library Administration will contact requester and discuss concerns/availability/etc. for potential revision to original request
  • If revisions cannot be accommodated, the library will notify the Office of the Registrar the request is not approved

On-site Support

  • Troubleshooting issues related to usage of the computer labs by non-university groups will be given a high priority by library technology support staff

Policy Approved by Library Management Team 07/31/2018