Neutra Notebook Collection

MS 140

Detailed inventory and background for this collection


Detail of a page from the Neutra notebook

Detail of a page from the Neutra notebook

Collection contains a bound volume with holographic notes, probably in the hand of noted architect Richard Neutra’s son, Dion, relating to the proposed relocation of the family’s architectural practice to Glendale, California, circa 1950. Neutra is referred to in the third person throughout (generally as “RJN”), and his wife, Dione, is referred to as “Mother” at least once in the text, which comprises the first 6 remaining leaves of the notebook (chiefly rectos only, in pencil; with a pencil sketch on verso of second leaf). The remainder of notebook is blank except for the last 5 leaves, which contain sketches of televisions and radios. Also included in the collection is a typescript of the last letter Dione Niedermann wrote to Richard Neutra before their wedding, dated December 16, 1922.


Neutra, Dion, 1926–; Neutra, Dione Niedermann, 1901–1990; Neutra, Richard Joseph, 1892–1970


1 letter and 8 holographic leaves in buckram notebook, 8"x 5.25"