216K - Monday, May 25, 2015
FromToNameGroup Name
12:00pm1:00pmElise CandelariaLAES Escape Room
1:00pm2:00pmElise CandelariaLAES Escape Room
2:00pm3:00pmPortia Georgene BayaniAngle Engineering
3:00pm4:00pmPortia Georgene BayaniAngle Engineering
4:00pm5:00pmMargaret JuranCalPoly Biomimicry Packaging Team
5:00pm6:00pmMeredith SakaiDelta Sigma Pi
6:00pm7:00pmMeredith SakaiDelta Sigma Pi
7:00pm8:00pmMeredith SakaiDelta Sigma Pi
8:00pm9:00pmHarrison BergholzGamma Zeta Alpha
9:00pm10:00pmHarrison BergholzGamma Zeta Alpha
10:00pm11:00pmHarrison BergholzGamma Zeta Alpha
216L - Monday, May 25, 2015
FromToNameGroup Name
11:00am12:00pmJulia KotTheta
12:00pm1:00pmJulia KotTheta
1:00pm2:00pmJulia KotTheta
2:00pm3:00pmMaryssa SpiresTheta
3:00pm4:00pmMaryssa SpiresTheta
4:00pm5:00pmMaryssa SpiresTheta
5:00pm6:00pmJesse BluesteinEWB Nicaragua
6:00pm7:00pmJesse BluesteinEWB Nicaragua
7:00pm8:00pmRegina HurleyAIESEC TM
8:00pm9:00pmTaylor KarstChi Omega
9:00pm10:00pmTaylor KarstChi Omega
10:00pm11:00pmTaylor KarstChi Omega
216M - Monday, May 25, 2015
FromToNameGroup Name
11:00am12:00pmHarrison TregenzaAlpha Kappa Psi
12:00pm1:00pmHarrison TregenzaAlpha Kappa Psi
1:00pm2:00pmHarrison TregenzaAlpha Kappa Psi
2:00pm3:00pmDenise HensleyAlpha Kappa Psi
3:00pm4:00pmDenise HensleyAlpha Kappa Psi
4:00pm5:00pmDenise HensleyAlpha Kappa Psi
5:00pm6:00pmJustin HerreraAlpha Kappa Psi
6:00pm7:00pmJustin HerreraAlpha Kappa Psi
7:00pm8:00pmJustin HerreraAlpha Kappa Psi
8:00pm9:00pmMunir EltalMSA
9:00pm10:00pmMunir EltalMSA
10:00pm11:00pmKaelan SoboutiSigma Pi
11:00pm11:59pmKaelan SoboutiSigma Pi
216N - Monday, May 25, 2015
FromToNameGroup Name
11:00am12:00pmNanika ThiaraInkLink
12:00pm1:00pmNanika ThiaraInklLink
1:00pm2:00pmNanika ThiaraInkLink
2:00pm3:00pmKenzie ThesmanAGB 406 Butter Babiez
3:00pm4:00pmKenzie ThesmanAGB 406 Butter Babiez
4:00pm5:00pmKenzie ThesmanAGB 406 Butter Babiez
5:00pm6:00pmAna CalinovAOE Study Hours
6:00pm7:00pmAna CalinovAOE Study Hours
7:00pm8:00pmAna CalinovAOE Study Hours
8:00pm9:00pmDaniel PappAlpha Kappa Psi
9:00pm10:00pmDaniel PappAlpha Kappa Psi
10:00pm11:00pmDaniel PappAlpha Kappa Psi
216P - Monday, May 25, 2015
FromToNameGroup Name
11:00am12:00pmGarrett StolzAGB 406 Butter Babiez
12:00pm1:00pmGarrett StolzAGB 406 Butter Babiez
1:00pm2:00pmGarrett StolzAGB 406 Butter Babiez
2:00pm3:00pmBrady ShuttKX
3:00pm4:00pmBrady ShuttKX
4:00pm5:00pmBrady ShuttKX
5:00pm6:00pmBlake WedekindZBT
6:00pm7:00pmBlake WedekindZBT
7:00pm8:00pmBlake WedekindZBT
8:00pm9:00pmCara EmardMoney Makers
9:00pm10:00pmJames CaudillDelta Tau Delta
10:00pm11:00pmJames CaudillDelta Tau Delta
11:00pm11:59pmJames CaudillDelta Tau Delta
216Q - Monday, May 25, 2015
FromToNameGroup Name
11:00am12:00pmNaomi CatterlinStudy
12:00pm1:00pmNaomi CatterlinStudy
1:00pm2:00pmNaomi CatterlinStudy
2:00pm3:00pmLexie BonetrooSigma Kappa and Friends
3:00pm4:00pmLexie BonetrooSigma Kappa and Friends
4:00pm5:00pmLexie BonetrooSigma Kappa and Friends
5:00pm6:00pmJake WhippleCal Poly Adventure Sports
6:00pm7:00pmJake WhippleCal Poly Adventure Sports
7:00pm8:00pmJake WhippleCal Poly Adventure Sports
8:00pm9:00pmEkta GujralMock Trial
9:00pm10:00pmEkta GujralMock Trial
10:00pm11:00pmEkta GujralMock Trial
216R - Monday, May 25, 2015
FromToNameGroup Name
11:00am12:00pmAditya JoshiAlpha Kappa Psi
12:00pm1:00pmAditya JoshiAlpha Kappa Psi
1:00pm2:00pmAditya JoshiAlpha Kappa Psi
2:00pm3:00pmKarissa RamageAkpsi
3:00pm4:00pmJoe MSPi
4:00pm5:00pmJoe MSPi
5:00pm6:00pmJoe MSPi
6:00pm7:00pmJennifer TuttleEWB Malawi
7:00pm8:00pmJennifer TuttleEWB Malawi
8:00pm9:00pmJennifer TuttleEWB Malawi
9:00pm10:00pmJames HoTheta Chi
10:00pm11:00pmJames HoTheta Chi
11:00pm11:59pmJames HoTheta Chi
216S - Monday, May 25, 2015
FromToNameGroup Name
11:00am12:00pmKevin LeVersion Controllers
12:00pm1:00pmJeremy WatsonCPE 453 Group
1:00pm2:00pmJeremy WatsonCPE 453 Group
2:00pm3:00pmJeremy WatsonCPE 453 Group
3:00pm4:00pmKatrina PineAlpha Chi Omega
4:00pm5:00pmKatrina PineAlpha Chi Omega
5:00pm6:00pmKatrina PineAlpha Chi Omega
9:00pm10:00pmOmar AntonioSPI
10:00pm11:00pmOmar AntonioSPI
11:00pm11:59pmOmar AntonioSPI