In summer 2016 we began to explore how Student Success Fees could be used to improve and transform library study spaces. The resulting plan was presented to the Student Success Fee Committee last fall. After careful consideration the committee voted unanimously to allocate half a million dollars to realize this vision – one that responds to years of survey data showing that Cal Poly students want more access to study spaces 24 hours, and additional group study rooms.

The impact of these student-funded initiatives will be to double the current first-floor 24-hour space, increase the number of library collaborative study rooms by 50%, and provide rich and integrated new services and opportunities to explore innovative uses of data, maker tools, media, and design, in a space open to every student from every college. The renovations will take place this summer and be complete by fall 2016. We hope you like your new space.


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Review the past construction schedule for the Student Success Fee project and department updates in the library: