Digital Projects Lab

The current evolution of what was formerly known as the Data Studio (2012) and the Digital Research Hub (2016), the Digital Projects Lab (DPL) is a cross-unit collaboration in which the Data & GIS Specialist, the Digital Archivist, and the CLA Librarian pool their resources and campus networks along with their teaching and technical expertise to build community and provide support for the use of data and other digital information for visualization, mapping, and application development across all disciplines.

The DPL is dedicated to integrating data and digital tools into the traditional suite of information literacy competencies that the library already supports and includes a service point staffed by expert peer assistants, building on the successful LibRAT model for research assistance.
The team works together to help students and faculty in all colleges use digital tools, network to find relevant partners, and build a campus community for such scholarship and expressive activities. Often, the DPL’s programming and personalized research support offers domain-specific information to students outside of that domain, strengthening the library’s cross-disciplinary impact.

What we provide

  • Introductory workshops
  • Online instruction modules for courses
  • Consultations to teaching faculty
  • Student peer-to-peer support
  • Consultations for Data/GIS/ Information Visualization/ Programming
  • Support for larger-scale class/faculty research projects

Learn by Doing in the Library

We foster student involvement with impactful, hands-on learning, primarily course-related.

Upcoming Events
Past Events