Library Computers

Plentiful computers are located on the library’s first and second floors, including Hub24.  A limited number of computers are located on other floors.  Library computers require login with an active Cal Poly username and password.

Several assistive technology workstations are available. To locate these consult the maps by floor and look for the letters ADA.

Computers in five classroom spaces are available for use when not occupied by courses or other scheduled events.  To see when these spaces (111B, 216A, 216B, 217C, 217D) are available go to 25Live  then: Select Object (choose Locations); search Kennedy Library; click on Availability.

216A is equipped with Macs, the other classroom spaces with PCs.  First floor computers include PCs and Macs.  Many have dual monitors.

Cal Poly instructors and staff can request use specific classroom lab spaces through University Scheduling directly through 25Live or by emailing ude.yloplacnull@stneve

Community Users

Patrons without a Cal Poly username and password may bring their own device and sign onto guest wireless.  Most databases provide full access to patrons working on a device while in the library.  Here are further details on Guest Wifi.   There are also five public computers located between the front entrance and the atrium.


ArcGIS Pro, SOLIDWORKS, SPSS, Google Earth Pro, and multiple Adobe programs  are currently installed locally on computers in the HUB 24 space and computers in most library classrooms.  The computers are equipped with browsers and basic applications including Microsoft Office.  A large selection of other software is available via the Virtual Computer Labs (APP Stream).

View a list of software available on the computers in the library.


  • Printers operated with your PolyCard are available on all five floors. Print jobs can be picked up from any of the PolyCard printers on that floor.  For details on how to put money on your PolyCard and how to print check out Print Copy  Scan.
  • CAD & specialty printing are available in Cal Poly Print & Copy, 1st floor

Having tech trouble?

Please contact the ITS Service Desk.