Checkouts and Equipment

What equipment is available for checkout?

The following equipment can be checked out from the PolyConnect desk:

  • PC and MacBook Pro laptop computers, computer mice, headphones
  • laptop chargers
  • voice recorders
  • DSLR cameras, GoPros, and tripods
  • calculators, video adapters
  • iPads
  • assistive mouse, keyboard, headset, and laptop

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Where else can I check out equipment?

Classroom Technology (formerly MDS) has boatloads of equipment available for checkout. They have offices in Buildings 2 (Education) and 10 (Ag Erhart.)
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Do you have adapters to connect a Mac laptop to a classroom projector?

Yes, we do.

Where are the scanners and how do I use them?

There are four scanners on the 2nd floor near the Learning Commons desk.

If you need assistance, a Computer Support Assistant from the Learning Commons or PolyConnect desk can help you.


Where can I find a stapler, 3-hole punch, tape, etc?

1st Floor
1st Floor
Research Help
2nd Floor
Learning Commons
Scissors X X X
3-hole Punch X X X
Pencil Sharpener X X X
Paper Cutter X
Tape X X
Stapler X X X
Large Stapler X X
Scanner X

Is there a copy machine in the Library?

There are coin operated copy machines on the 1st floor: In the 24-hour study room and near the Research Help Desk.

Is there a fax machine in the Library?

There is a fax machine at Cal Poly Print & Copy on the 1st floor.