Overdue Fines

How to Pay a Fine

Fines may be paid by check at the Main Circulation Desk
Cash or Other Forms of Payment
To pay cash obtain a bill issued by the Circulation Desk and bring it to the State Cashier (Administration Building, Room 131E). To remove your academic hold immediately, return your paid receipt to the Library's Circulation desk.

Fine Amounts

Material Fine
Library Materials $.20 per day per item
Interlibrary Loan $1.00 per day per item
Maximum fine for books $15.00 per item
Maximum fine for Reserve Items $50.00 per item
Bound Periodical (Journals) 21 Day Loan $0.20 per day per item
Reserve Reading Room Hourly Loans $1.00 per hour per item
Items Recalled $1.00 per day per item with no maximum limit.

Overdue Fine Policies

All books are due as stamped.
Fines accumulate only on days when the library is open, and are due when incurred. See below for instructions for paying fines.
Charges and fines are cumulative.
They are not erased at the end of a quarter or an academic year. Once your account shows charges of $10.00 or more, you will be required to pay the entire amount before you may renew or check out any materials. All charges are due and payable upon occurrence. After six (6) months charges are final and sent to Student Accounts for collection/tax offset. You may view your record at any time to verify your charges and due dates of materials you have checked out.
If you have been billed for a lost book or item which causes a registration Hold, or have been sent a fine notice stating you have a Hold on your records, you must pay any and all charges to release this Hold. Failure to pay these charges will suspend borrowing privileges and will delay your registration.

Under the California Education Code, it is a misdemeanor to tear, cut, deface, or willfully detain any Library materials.

Lost Materials

Patrons are billed for lost books. A notice is issued and library privileges are suspended until library charges are cleared. In addition, a registration hold and transcript hold is placed on the records of current and former Cal Poly students. The suspension and/or hold remain in effect until any and all library charges are cleared.

Book replacement costs vary, depending upon the subject matter. A patron billed for a lost or damaged item has two choices to clear his/her record.

  • Pay the lost book fee as billed.
  • Obtain a "Request to Purchase Replacement Book" at the Circulation desk and, with help of library staff, determine an acceptable replacement for billed item and complete the form. Patron then provides library with replacement item, pays the $15 processing fee, and the hold is cleared.


All Circulation and Interlibrary Loan notifications with Cal Poly users will be handled via e-mail.

Make sure that your email information is current in the Cal Poly Portal.

You can also check your Library record at My PolyCAT from the Library web page to renew books, check due dates, any fines and lost book charges, recalls, and holds.