Beginning Library Research

Research Planning 101 (Cal Poly SLO, Kennedy Library)

NEW! Summer 09. Our tutorial (still in beta) will help you simplify your research project — helping you to focus on your assignment and determine the best resources (and how to find them) for your project.

From other universities

Information Skills and Academic Integrity Tutorial (University of Newcastle, Australia)

Sections on using information ethically, plagiarism, and evaluating the information you find.

Introduction to Research Processes (Colorado State University)

Covers selecting a topic, developing a research question, finding resources, developing a list of sources, and more; focused on the steps of gathering information for writing a research paper.

Science Information Tutorial (UC Irvine)

From beginning your research to completing your paper. Highlights the special aspects of how scientific knowledge is communicated.

Research 101 (University of Washington)

Six online “units” covering the basics, including how to select a topic and develop research questions, as well as how to select, search for, find, and evaluate information sources. Flash/video.

Tutorial for Information Power (TIP) (University of Wyoming)

An award-winning tutorial, Tutorial for Information Power will teach you how to think strategically about information and the processes of: investigating a topic, searching for information, locating the information in the library; evaluating the quality of information; and using the information in papers, speeches, or projects. Flash/video.