Out Loud  / Robert E. Kennedy Library

Written by Karen Lauritsen three years ago

Being loud at TEDxUCLA

Photo of preparations for TEDxUCLA

In the fall I was lucky to travel to UCLA to talk about… well, basically about what I’ve learned so far from working at this library. The talk is called Libraries Can Be Loud, which I meant literally and metaphorically.

Written by Victoria Billings four years ago

One library book came home for Christmas

Photo of Epee book returned for Christmas

Fencing with the Epee by Roger Crosnier is small, red, only 151 pages long, and finally home at Kennedy Library after 36 years of living on the other side of the country. The book was checked out in 1976 by

Written by Victoria Billings four years ago

Architecture time machine!

Photo of Cal Poly architecure students review Julia Morgan papers

Second year architecture students are stepping into the past with the help of Kennedy Library’s Special Collections. The upcoming exhibit, Atelier Morgan, features an inspiring collection of Julia Morgan’s sketches and drawings. As part of the exhibit, every second year

Written by Victoria Billings four years ago

Santa Paula PhotoVoice Project

Photo from Photo Voice display

Kennedy Library invites you to view Cal Poly STRIDE’s photography exhibit, “Creating a Vision, Empowering a Community: The Santa Paula PhotoVoice Project” that is on display October 15 – November 5, 2012, in the Cafe Gallery on the second floor.

Written by Victoria Billings four years ago

Revenge of the white whale

Photo of G. Cotkin and C. Waitinas

Cal Poly author and history professor George Cotkin shared his own eccentric, extensive and often hilarious relationship with Herman Melville’s classic “Moby Dick” on October 12 at Kennedy Library’s first Conversations with Cal Poly Authors event of the school year.

Written by Karen Lauritsen four years ago

Dear Library, a photographic then and now

Photo of Kennedy Library atrium in 1980 and today; Historic image (1980) courtesy University Archives

One recent Thursday afternoon the Student Library Advisory Council (SLAC) visited Special Collections and University Archives on the fourth floor to view historic campus photos. There they found images of Kennedy Library 1980s-style along with the old library at Dexter.

Written by Karen Lauritsen four years ago

Jordan seems to be everywhere!

Photo of Jordan

When I started at Kennedy Library in August 2011 I often heard about Jordan Hooper, a library student assistant who was going to join me in Communications and Public Programs in the fall. She’s great! people would tell me. You’re

Written by Karen Lauritsen four years ago

How to make a local climate action plan

Photo of Cal Pol Authors May 4

Why write a book? There are many reasons. One very good one is when a book does not yet exist for your topic. That’s one reason why Michael Boswell, Adrienne Greve and Tammy Seale set about writing Local Climate Action

Written by Karen Lauritsen four years ago

Business librarian hand-stitches six colleges

Fortune Stitching Detail

Mark Bieraugel, Cal Poly’s new business librarian, stitched six funny, insightful and detailed pieces inspired by the six colleges at Cal Poly. Look closely at the fabric and thread – there is a lot of humor, content and meaning stitched

Written by Karen Lauritsen four years ago

It’s a hit! Pressing Forward exhibit opens

BCC exhibit opening at Kennedy Library

At the outset of planning an event it sometimes feels the day will never come. When it does, it is almost unbelievable. It’s happening! It’s all coming together! And it did, on April 5, when months of collaborative hard work