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Written by Victoria Billings four years ago

Top six reasons why we love Kennedy Library on rainy days

A photo from the 5th floor of Kennedy Library. We are looking out onto several stories of the cement and glass building. The balconies are decorated with tables with yellow umbrellas. In the background, there are gray rainclouds over a green mountain with a white letter P painted on it.

Cal Poly has been a little damp lately, but don’t let that get you down! Rainy days are a chance to puddle jump or stay inside with a book and a mug of tea, so to honor them we’ve created

Written by Karen Lauritsen six years ago

Gumby studies at Kennedy Library

Gumby at Kennedy Library

Here is an excerpt of a delightful work email: We had a pretty exciting celebrity sighting today at Kennedy Library. Gumby was here… Gumby obviously takes the 25-35 rule quite seriously. He was seen studying in the atrium, perusing today’s