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Written by Rachel Scott one year ago

Using GIS to look at San Luis Obispo’s history

David and Jeanine

The Data Studio welcomed David Yun, Natural Resources Management and Environmental Sciences (NRES) lecturer and Geographic Information Services Supervisor for the City of San Luis Obispo, on Thursday, April 30. Yun talked about managing historical data about San Luis Obispo using

Written by Rachel Scott two years ago

GIS Week: Map gallery reception

GIS Map Gallery part of GIS Week 2014.

To wrap up GIS Week 2014, Cal Poly students, faculty and staff gathered on Thursday, Nov. 20 in the Community Gallery on the first floor to view some amazing maps and projects. These maps featured different GIS applications in engineering, biology,

Written by Rachel Scott two years ago

Exploring Social Explorer, a workshop

Have you ever wondered if you can view U.S. census data? What about data from past years? If you can view it in a user-friendly, easily accessible way? Well look no further than Social Explorer. This database is an easy

Written by Rachel Scott two years ago

A map for the future with Yoh Kawano, UCLA GIS Coordinator

Karen and Yoh before the event.

Who knew that Twitter has more uses than just keeping up with your favorite celebrities and updating your followers? At the latest Cal Poly Science Cafe on February 14, offered in partnership with the Data Studio, Yoh Kawano discussed how

Written by Rachel Scott two years ago

Discovering history through GIS

Ann Kelly Knowles

Kennedy Library’s Data Studio welcomed Ann Kelly Knowles on Monday, January 13, when she spoke about the connections historical GIS can reveal in terms of unknown patterns and relationships between different historical events. Examples explored included the American Industrial Revolution,

Written by Rachel Scott two years ago

So. Many. Events.

library-balloon sculptures

Welcome back Mustangs! Kennedy Library is hitting the ground running this quarter with a lot of fun, unique events coming up. In January and February, the library will be holding a variety of events about topics from biofuels to love

Written by Karen Lauritsen four years ago

Lab-O-Rama: Teachers and librarians and school supplies, OH MY!

Photo of teacher at Lab-O-Rama

As a Cal Poly student, I’m pretty accustomed to seeing teachers out and about on campus. The last thing I expected to see, though, when I walked into Kennedy Library’s lobby last Tuesday was my little brother’s fourth grade teacher.