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Written by Laura Sorvetti two years ago

It’s Book Fair Season in California

This post is written by Jessica Holada, Director of Special Collections and Archives. “Book artists invent the library by adding to it. They are inventors of new libraries and new readers.” -Peter Rutledge Koch, opening remarks at CODEX V It’s

Written by Laura Sorvetti three years ago

Find LOVE in Special Collections and Archives

In honor of this day of love, we’ve searched Special Collections and Archives for love and related topics. Here’s what we found:

Written by Karen Lauritsen four years ago

Kennedy Library’s vine series features artists’ books from special collections

Photo of artist book called Pyramids by Herodotus and Susan Allix

We’ve got artists’ books! They’re cared for with love in Special Collections, where they get the white glove treatment. Lately, they’ve also been getting their time in the limelight, as the stars of a summer series on Vine.

Written by Karen Lauritsen four years ago

Using Vine to share the library’s artists’ books

Photo of two woman making the first Vine

Artists’ books! There are so many reasons to love them. One, because they are hand-made. Two, because they are hand-made in very limited quantities. Three, because there is no one way to read them.

Written by Karen Lauritsen five years ago

Stitched! Science Cafe with Erin Zamrzla

Photo of Japanese stab bookbinding by Erin Zamrzla

You can make this! Our next Science Cafe is offered in conjunction with the spring exhibit Pressing Forward: The Book Club of California at 100, and is a Japanese bookbinding workshop with Erin Zamrzla. Erin is a designer who began