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Outstanding student employee of the year nominees and winner!

Cal Poly’s Outstanding Student Employee of the Year awards reception was held last week. Among the nominees were three students from Kennedy Library — Ben Kieffer, Matt Rice and Lauren Young, who was named second runner up!

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From Farmers’ Picnic to Open House – A look back at a Cal Poly tradition

The history of Open House, one of Cal Poly’s largest annual events, spans as far back as 1904. We’ve digitally gathered some of the records that tell its history from University Archives to share with you. Read more

Call for Papers! Publishing new student journal of science and math

Back in the fall, I wrote a post about a new student-run and student-written academic journal I was about to start, called Symposium: Student Journal of Science and Math. At that time, we had the initial design by our Branding Director Natalie Rich and the idea to create an outlet that promotes scientific discussion and research among students of the College of Science and Math (COSAM). Now we’re in full swing!

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Discoveries in the Jack Family Papers: Some things change and some things don’t

Derrick Usher is a communication studies major (Fall ’14) completing an internship in Special Collections and Archives. He is working on a project to organize the papers of the Jack Family of San Luis Obispo.

This is the third in a series of blog posts in which he shares his experiences processing the Jack Family Papers and some of the stories that he uncovers (read the first two blog posts here and here).
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Envisioning a library of the future with students in ARCH 353

This post is written by Jesse Vestermark, Architecture and Environmental Design Librarian. Featured image: A future library envisioned by Claire Joseph.

In December 2013, I received and unusual request from Professor Richard Beller, an Architecture faculty member I have worked with in the past.  He didn’t (necessarily) need me to help his students find resources on the design of libraries.  Instead, he wanted me and a handful of my library colleagues to help advise his twenty or so third-year students in ARCH 353 Architectural Design 3.3 (Lab) through the process of designing a public library for Oakland, California for the year 2030. Read more

“Coeds” on Campus: The Power of Language, Discrimination, and Integration

This post is written by Soquel Filice (HIST ’15), a Student Assistant in Special Collections and Archives. This is the third and final post in a series she wrote about the history of women at Cal Poly for Women’s History Month. Read her previous posts here and here.

Women students return to Cal Poly, 1956 (University Archives Photograph Collection, University Archives, ua-pho_00000673-A)

Women students return to Cal Poly, 1956 (University Archives Photograph Collection, University Archives, ua-pho_00000673-A)

September 1956 was a momentous time for women at Cal Poly. Finally, they were re-allowed to take classes alongside of the men on campus and participate in what we would consider the “full college experience.” Read more

Mustang Basketball – A History of Excellence

This post is written by Alex Thomas (HIST ’16), a Student Assistant in Special Collections and Archives (you can see more of Alex’s work here and here). Alex writes today about the Cal Poly Men’s Basketball Team’s past history and history in the making.

Keith Wheeler, Class of 1984. (University Archives Photograph Collection, University Archives, ua-pho_00000832)

Keith Wheeler, class of 1984, might have the same look on his face now if he heard of Cal Poly’s historic NCAA Division I win against Texas Southern on March 19, 2014. In Poly’s previous record season of 1981, Wheeler played with Kevin Lucas (#32) and Jim Schultz (#14). Schultz and Wheeler still hold first and second place all time for number of career assists, and Schultz’ record of 295 assists for the ’81 season hasn’t come close to falling. Lucas held the record for most points in a season – 579 – until 1991, and he remains second-place all-time. Read more