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Mastering the Art of Local Cooking

Charlie Williams (BA, ‘19) is a student assistant in Special Collections and Archives.

Special Collections and Archives recently acquired several titles for an interesting new collection. For the chefs out there and food lovers alike, come in and check out the Central Coast Community Cookbook Collection! So far, the collection includes fifteen books from across the central coast, dating back to 1930 and as recent as 2015.

Here are some of our favorite finds. Explore these images or visit us on the fourth floor of Kennedy Library to find your new favorite recipe! Click on each image for a closer look.

Just a few of the new additions to the collection.

This first cookbook was created by the California Polytechnic Women’s Club in 1984 in order to raise funds. A history of the university is included throughout the book as well. These recipes are quite unique, are you daring enough to try the Shrimp Aspic?

The California Men’s Colony (CMC) is just north of Cal Poly and in 2014 this cookbook was created to recognize the work of the correctional staff. Include Eggs with Cactus at your next brunch, or possibly the Vegan Scrambled Tofu with Chick-It Seasoning.



Food from the Big House to your house.

In 1993, the Atascadero Colony Days Committee compiled recipes from the community into a historic cookbook. Here are some treats perfect for the sweet tooth!

Times certainly have changed since this cookbook was published in the 1970s. Included are several recipes perfect for hosting dinners and also instruction on “How to Preserve a Husband”.


Don’t pickle or put in hot water…

This final cookbook was created in 1936 and includes some of the earliest recipes collected from San Luis Obispo County residents.

San Luis Obispo County: Farm Home Department recipes, 1936.
San Luis Obispo County (Calif.). Farm Bureau. Home Department.

Found a taste for something you like? Explore the art of local cooking by visiting today.

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