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Thank you for your feedback on our renovation project!

The Kennedy Library would like to thank all students who are providing us with the necessary information to improve the library building and services in the future!

Student providing feedback at the Feedback Fair

Thanks to the Cal Poly community for coming out to the Feedback Fair!

The feedback the Kennedy Library receives from the Cal Poly community is the first step in the library’s plan to overhaul and modernize our structure, improving accessibility and providing students visitors with the spaces and resources they need for success.

To this end, the Kennedy Library has teamed up with workplace consultant brightspot strategy and architecture firm BNIM to undertake a massive renovation project, assessing everything from study spaces and chairs to entrances and access to research materials.

“This engagement session will help us understand a bit more detail as to what’s needed in the future library,” said Amanda Wirth, consultant for brightspot and one of the organizers of the Student Feedback Fair. “At lot of this activity is about asking what’s most needed so we can plan which spaces to focus on in the future building. We’re taking the data that we’re gathering right now, understanding where the emphasis or priority is for students, and incorporating that into the space planning,” said Wirth.

This renovation project comes at a time when the Kennedy Library is updating our infrastructure and removing existing obstacles to accommodate the modern needs of students. One such example would be the library’s main entrance. “The history of having one main entrance to the library came from the idea that people were focused on access control, making sure no books leave the building,” said brightspot consultant Coby Lerner. “With different priorities now we’re thinking of ways we can open up the library to other sides of campus.”

According to Lerner, the next step will be planning how to distribute and balance out study and work spaces for students. For example, we will begin to determine how much more area would be designated to group study rooms, how big those study rooms would be, and how to place research materials in the most accessible areas.

The Kennedy Library has always taken pride in our ability to adapt our space over time to evolving student needs. Now, thanks to student feedback, we can begin to step back and begin changing the library top-to-bottom.

“Now is a chance to step back,” said Lerner. “We can say, ‘Okay, we’ve been putting all these band-aids on for years and years, what if we start looking at the bigger picture, and change everything all at once — the whole building altogether.’”

The Kennedy Library still wants your feedback! Please come share your ideas to our online form.

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  1. Fuwanime says:

    is the Kennedy Library is open for public? really wanna see it next weekend.

  2. Conny Liegl says:

    Yes, we are open. Please see our open hours at http://lib.calpoly.edu/about-and-contact/open-hours/

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