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Textbook Match Program Gives Students an Affordable and Accessible Alternative to Traditional Textbooks

In partnership with the University Store, Kennedy Library is excited to be able to provide you with a quarterly list of Cal Poly adopted textbooks held in our e-book collection. Each quarter we will provide links to assigned e-books. All books are available to read online and to checkout for a specified period of time. Books in PDF format are available for download in their entirety.

In an effort to combat the rising costs of textbooks and give students an easy-to-access alternative to physical textbooks, Kennedy Library has partnered with the University Store and professors across campus to provide students a list of course e-books for the upcoming spring quarter.

Affordable learning

The program started in fall 2014 after Open Content and Digital Publishing Librarian, Dana Ospina, looked at how other universities adopted similar programs.

According to Ospina supporting students’ academic success is a top priority for Kennedy Library.

“This program helps accomplish that goal.”

Giving students access to more educational resources

Students like Carla Simental, the Affordable Learning Solutions Student Advocate at Kennedy Library like the program because it gives students more options when it comes to accessing textbooks.

Mobility and instant access are another reason why Simental recommends the program to students.

“You can have hundreds of books with you without having to carry them around,” Simental said. “And now students don’t have an excuse for not having a book on the first day of class.”

Some of the e-books even allow for highlighting or annotating within the book, says Simental.

“Our generation is very digital so I’m sure a lot of people will find the resources provided through the textbook match service to be very useful,” said Simental.

Students save money

But with all these advantages, Simental feels the one students will find most attractive is affordability.

“The best thing about textbook match is the fact that it is free and you’ll be saving a lot of money compared to buying traditional textbooks.” Simental said.

Adding more textbooks to the list

Both Simental and Ospina are working together to add more and more textbooks to the list of provided textbooks in the future so that more students across campus can start utilizing the e-books offered at Kennedy Library.

“We feel fortunate to provide students with this free resource,” Ospina said. “We hope more people will start using this service.”
If you’re interested in browsing the list of available textbooks for spring quarter, visit the textbook match page.

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