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Cinematic and Statistical Resources for Teaching and Research: Kanopy and Statista

Kennedy Library has two new information resources to support your teaching and research.

Media streaming with Kanopy

The first is Kanopy, a media streaming service that offers 12,000 films and videos from more than 800 filmmakers. Their key partners include PBS, Criterion, New Day, California Newsreel, MEF, Kino Lorber, First Run, GreenPlanet, Psychotherapy.net, Great Courses and many more. 

Interested in using Kanopy in your courses? The “Netflix-like” interface makes it easy to find relevant and interesting materials for all disciplines, and you can easily customize your own clips and create playlists for targeted instruction.

“Access to streaming content is a boon to all curricula engaged with media, whether from the angle of media production, history, culture or language,” said Brett Bodemer, College of Liberal Arts librarian. “It takes only a few seconds to see the depth of foreign language film offerings, including the likes of directors such as Besson, Kurosawa and Fassbinder.”

Access to statistical data with Statista 

Statista is a new tool that allows for quick and easy access to summary statistical data on a wide range of topics and industries. Just as the library provides databases for discovering scholarly content, Statista serves a similar function for those seeking quantitative facts, figures and data.

Do your students need to discover, extract and visualize global iPhone sales from 2007 to 2015 by quarter or want a quick look at global prices for a Big Mac?  Statista provides access to 1 million statistics – ready to use in PPT, XLS and PNG.

“Statista provides students with a large amount of well-vetted market research,” said Mark Bieraugel, Orfalea College of Business librarian. “The infographics section is truly a solid resource for students of all levels.”

Numeric and Spatial Data Specialist Russ White says, “Students can quickly search and incorporate data and graphics from authoritative sources, and present these alongside other forms of supporting information in their writing. Since the data are downloadable, students also have the option of exploring alternative visualizations or presentations of the data.”

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  1. George Rosta says:

    I’m a Cal Poly alumnus, is Kanopy available to me? Please advise, thanks!

  2. Wonderful and useful

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