Winners of Pitch Perfect Competition

Written by on March 19, 2015

More about our Pitch Perfect Round 1 winners

The first round of the Pitch Perfect Competition has wrapped up. The judges selected the winning videos, Dean Scott Dawson from Orfalea College of Business handed out giant checks, and real awards checks were processed for students. To wrap this round up, I got to know a few of the winners a little better.

Kathryn Cassidy, PolyProjects

Kathryn’s video, PolyProjects, is about a website that helps connect Cal Poly students, faculty and staff with different skills to work on different projects. She won two awards, Best Overall and President’s Pick, and $1,850 in total.

“My team and I really want to create this free service for Cal Poly, but we ran into some issues finding a back-end developer. We plan to use the money to get the website built and use the rest of the money to market the site,” Kathryn said.

She decided to create this video about PolyProjects because she is passionate about the website and sees a great need all around campus.

“This problem is present in every department, and with a simple way to link us together, we can reinforce the importance of collaboration and interdisciplinary projects, while creating amazing things,” she said.

Kathryn and her team plan on launching the website next quarter, so be on the lookout!

Ashlee Lam, CoLab

Ashlee Lam’s CoLab video is about an app (called CoLab) for finding the perfect team members to make your project idea become the next big thing. Her video won Best of Orfalea along with $750.

Winners of Pitch Perfect Competition

Dean Scott Dawson of Orfalea College of Business with Ashlee and team.

She entered the competition with JD Torres, Michelle Pan, and John Franzia who are always up for a challenge, Ashlee said. She used their collaborative efforts as the inspiration for the video.

“The four of us were lucky to have found each other, but we realized that in a school as big as Cal Poly, sometimes it’s really hard to find the different skills you need to complete your projects,” Ashlee said.

Ashlee and her team plan on continuing onto the next round of the competition by writing a one page business canvas plan for their app.

Jenna Hoffman, PolyPaths

In Jenna Hoffman’s Fan Favorite winning video she asks for our passions and majors to cross paths in a campus wide senior project course. This class could simulate the real world by collaborating with students from every major and background.

Winners of Pitch Perfect Competition

Dean Scott Dawson of Orfalea College of Business with Jenna.

Jenna’s personal experience with trying to find a senior project for next year lead her to this idea. She was disappointed that  she couldn’t make a project of her own.

“My dream job is to work in the cosmetics industry, and I think it would be so incredible to work with other smart, qualified, dynamic Cal Poly students from other majors who are equally infatuated with cosmetics,” Jenna said.

Jenna also plans on moving to the next round.

“To be able to create a short, 60-second video that encompasses my hobby of videography, my business concentration in marketing, a prize money incentive, and my love for Cal Poly is an opportunity I find impossible to pass up,” she said.

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