Written by on January 13, 2015

Changes Begin February 2015 for Access to Wiley Journals

In late December the Chancellor’s Office announced that negotiations for the 2015 renewal of the system-wide journal package with John Wiley and Sons were unsuccessful. This means Cal Poly will no longer subscribe through the CSU to approximately 1,300 Wiley journals. However, many of these journals are not of significant interest to Cal Poly.

“While faculty may be concerned about losing scholarly access, data suggests they won’t experience many, if any, interruptions,” said Tim Strawn, director of information resources and resource sharing.

Kennedy Library staff is evaluating Wiley titles that are heavily used at Cal Poly and will renew subscriptions to a set of journals to ensure access to the most current scholarly content.

Meanwhile, access to last year’s subscribed titles continues through January, and backfiles of previously subscribed Wiley journals (starting from either 1997 or the inception of the journal through 2014) will remain available to Cal Poly in perpetuity, via the Wiley Online Library.

In addition the library’s RapidILL service provides 24-hour turnaround and free email delivery to faculty and students for current article content published in unsubscribed Wiley journals.

A key reason the CSU was unable to reach agreement with Wiley was the CSU’s analysis of cost and usage. The cost per use of Wiley journal articles is nearly double what CSU pays for comparable scholarly publishers.

“This is part of doing business,” Strawn said. “With the money saved, we can purchase faculty more of what they need and use.”

Other universities that have reconsidered their agreements to purchase academic publishers’ “big deals,” have found that leaving these deals results in savings that “allow libraries to provide a collection more suited to the institution and the community.” (Nabe and Fowler 2011).

For more information, read the statement by the CSU Council of Library Deans.

Contact your college librarian or Tim Strawn with questions or to get help accessing what you need for your scholarly research.