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Student Assistants of the Library: Roxanne Hoffman

Packing, scanning, and checking-in texts and media might sound a little boring, but without it, we wouldn’t have access to a lot of valuable stuff. And for student assistant Roxanne Hoffman, this is all in a day’s work with Interlibrary Loan at Kennedy Library.

Roxanne, sophomore mechanical engineering student, found out about the job through her roommate.

“The library seemed like a nice place to work,” Roxanne said.

Making books usable for everyone


Roxanne at work in Interlibrary Loan (ILL for short)

Roxanne helps to make all books that aren’t currently at the library accessible to everyone. This means that if you can’t find the book or journal you need through PolyCat, Roxanne and the Interlibrary Loan team will get you what you need. And Roxanne has helped a lot of students find the books they are looking for.

“Anyone who has used Link+ has received their book because of the work of the Interlibrary Loan Department,” said Roxanne.

She has even learned a few fun facts about the library because of her work. She knows the best place to nap (she sees a lot of sleepy students taking a study break), and also knows about the “decorated” walls of the library storage room.

Preparing for a job after college

Roxanne finds ways to develop professional skills that will help her later in in her career.

“I think working here will allow me to be more patient, cooperative, and know how to work with others,” Roxanne said.


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