Goats at the library

Written by on May 14, 2014

Goats at the library: A firsthand account

The lawn outside of Kennedy Library was a strange sight yesterday, May 13: some goats and a huge mob of people were taking over the area. Yup. You read that right: goats were at Kennedy Library yesterday!

While it may sound like the library is turning into a petting zoo, the goats were brought in by the Stressbusters Team as a way to relieve stress during midterm season. And by the looks on everyone’s faces, I think the goats did their job!

Petting a goat for the first time

Never having pet a goat before, I didn’t know what to expect. Are they friendly? Are they going to try and eat my clothes? Will the scene from How I Met Your Mother of a goat attacking the main character Ted be re-enacted?

A soon as I was petting the first goat, all my questions seemed ridiculous. The goats were sweet, funny and softer than you would expect. Although clothes were not a popular food choice for them, I did see a few nibbling on some sandals.

I definitely felt my stress melting away, and I could tell other students were feeling better as the were petting the goats.

“I like watching people’s reactions to the goats,” said Natalie Rich, library student assistant in Digital Scholarship Services and a volunteer goat wrangler for the day.

See for yourself in our video, featuring Carmella the goat with a GoPro (GoatPro?) camera on her back:



Stressbusters is an outreach program that creates and facilitates positive, stress-relieving initiatives, activities and events in the library helping students to manage and reduce excessive stress, particularly in preparation for and during examination periods.

The Stressbusters team is responsible for an array of events meant to help you with your stress levels. In addition to goats, cats and dogs are brought to the library during midterms and finals season.

The goats were brought to the library because of a student, said Conny Liegl, head of the Stressbusters team. The student, Taylor Lundquist, approached Conny when dogs were at the library and asked if the library would be interested in hosting goats. Obviously, the answer was yes!

The next event will feature Therapy Dogs International at the library during dead week, on June 4. Hope to see you there!

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