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Written by Andrew Bui on February 4, 2014

You define the ultimate library experience

 This post is written by Andrew Bui, Student Library Advisory Council. 

Nerd alert: I really like the library. Not only during times of sheer crisis, such as the requisite, “Holy crap I have a midterm tomorrow” moment, but also during those two hour breaks on a Tuesday, when I can’t think of anything better to do but escape into the atrium and accomplish errands (read: browse BuzzFeed) while aimlessly watching life happen four floors above me.

It’s that place on campus where you know for certain that its doors are there to welcome you in (Did you not heed my nerd alert earlier?) after you’ve admittedly spent the day doing activities much more enjoyable than studying. It’s the place where you know for sure you will find at least one friend to sit with during times of insecurity. It’s also part of the unique experience of being a Cal Poly student (*cue the overdone “spending the night with Robert E. Kennedy” status).

KennedyKandid 2

Calling all students

Even though Kennedy Library is fresh off of winning the ACRL award for being an excellent university library, the mission to make it a better place is far from over, and now this is when you, the Cal Poly student can help.

Last year, the SLAC (Student Library Advisory Council) survey helped library administration identify opportunities to improve the technological and collaborative components of the library, and this year we’re back asking you how we can capitalize on making the Kennedy Library a place for affordable learning.

Making learning affordable

After last year’s survey, (go on, take a look at it here), administration gained valuable student insight on the state of the library’s physical spaces. For 2014, we’re looking at ways Kennedy Library can lessen the blow to your bank account by making learning more affordable, including via course reserves and the newly launched OATS.

Kennedy Library Atrium by Andrew BuiWe’re listening

With the ever increasing number of students coming into Cal Poly every year, now is the time where we try to make the library the best place it can possibly be with your assistance. This year’s survey just takes 5 minutes, and hey, you could even win a $25 gift card to the University Store for taking it for us!

So why don’t you help us help you out and click here to fill out the 2014 survey. In the end, we’re all just trying to make the library, which to many of us can be our second home, a better place to be a Cal Poly student.

Photos by Andrew Bui. Add yours using #kennedykandid on Instagram.

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