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Exploring Social Explorer, a workshop

Have you ever wondered if you can view U.S. census data? What about data from past years? If you can view it in a user-friendly, easily accessible way? Well look no further than Social Explorer. This database is an easy to use tool that helps you visualize census data by placing it on top of a map.

On February 20, Russ White, GIS coordinator here at Kennedy Library, led a workshop for Social Explorer where we learned how to use this unique tool.

Social Explorer

Social Explorer has about 220 years of U.S. census data to use and visualize. It provides quick and easy access to current and historical census data and demographic information.

All you have to do is choose which data to look at, like total population for every state, and select a time period. The system then generates the data over a map, letting you see the data geographically. It is a great tool for comparing the past and present data, as well as seeing how trends changed over the years.

How can you, as a college student, use this tool?

Cal Poly provides professional access to all students. To gain access, all you have to do is to sign up for a membership on a school computer. By signing up for a membership, you can access the professional edition on any computer by logging in to you account. The membership is hassle free and only requires your name, email and a password.

This tool is a great research tool and can be helpful for anyone in any major. It is a great tool to use for senior projects, research papers, presentations and more!

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